Wings Suite

Art speaks. But it speaks most profoundly when put in the right context. The Wings Suite brings together health challenged artists from all walks of life, each with a compelling story to tell. The entire collection speaks to the power of positive distraction, empowerment, togetherness and shared experience in the healthcare environment. Proceeds from all three programs go directly to the artists, completing the circle of giving and sharing.

Tapping into a deep sense of shared experience and community, this artwork is intended for placement in healthcare facilities to uplift and inspire patients and staff. The Wings Suite has three categories: Wings (emerging & professional artists), Still Life (professional artists), and our Local Voice option, which gives existing arts programs options to print, hang and distribute proprietary artwork collections from their very own patients and staff.

Wings: Empowering Health Challenged Artists

Wings art

Wings is the umbrella of the healthcare suite since it is the most inclusive, drawing on artwork from emerging and professional artists facing a diverse mixture of health challenges. Wings offers a channel for people to express their experience creatively and gives people in the program a higher purpose.

Still Life: Art by People Who Know Healthcare Best

Donna Levinstone - Autumn Reflection

Still Life is a collection of professional artists facing health challenges, in partnership with The Creative Center. This collection is meant for placement in healthcare facilities looking for a more professional aesthetic.

Local Voice: Your Art Program Brought to Life

custom 2

Around half of hospitals in the United States have their own arts programs, so naturally, many of our clients prefer showcasing artwork from their own patients and staff. Art Force can help print, frame, hang or distribute your private artwork collection.

Positive Distraction

We believe evidence-based design and positive distraction can improve patient outcomes. For more information on some of the research surrounding these areas of study, please read more on our healthcare page.

Below you will see a brief glimpse from our Wings and Still Life collections. Picture your hospital or office corridors. Does the art tell a story of hope and perseverance, or could the Wings Suite add a whole new dimension to your patient experience?

A Glimpse

by James
Accepted by Him

A Glimpse