Wings Cause Based Art

Uplifting health challenged artists.

Art Force is excited to present Wings Cause Based Art, a collection of artwork created by individuals with health challenges. Placing art from the Wings Program in your space is a unique opportunity to showcase your contribution to this inspiring community of artists. Wings Artists bring a unique perspective to their work, and derive a lasting sense of purpose through their craft. Your contribution provides these artists or their support organization with 50% of the print's sale price.

Empowering Health Challenged Artists

The stories that go along with each artist and their work can be a source of inspiration for employees, and will demonstrate your values to visitors and clients. Supporting these artists is a cost effective way for you to display art and give back to organizations driving life-restoring work in our community.

The Wings Artist Community

Wings brings together health challenged artists from all walks of life, each with a compelling story to tell. In the past five years, the Wings program has contributed over $100,000 to Wings Artists and support organizations. The Wings community represents both professional and emerging artists working in a variety of mediums. A portion of each Wings piece sold is contributed to the artist or the organizations that support them. By purchasing art through our program, you are providing purposeful patronage that truly makes a difference.

Devin's Story

Wings Artist Devin Wildes found his voice through art – quite literally.  As a child with autism, his parents were told he might not ever be able to communicate. Devin surpassed all expectations, and through the power of art and family, he now tells his story to the world. Over the past years, the Wings program has placed Devin’s pieces in our client’s locations along with the powerful story behind his work. Sales of Devin’s work support autism services through Fraser and art programming through Interact.

From the Artists

"I have had multiple sclerosis for over 30 years, with eye problems, balance problems, lack of energy problems... Art has kept my interest and stimulates intellectual curiosity."
- Rose Schaefer

“It gets in your mind and becomes who you are. Even though it shouldn’t. A title, a label, a hurtle, a wall. Who am I really? A diagnosis? No, I am an artist. That’s what I choose.” - Wings Artist

"Painting transition in landscape is a metaphor for the possibility of swift and positive change. Through art, I define myself as human, not as one who suffers. Art is hope." - Aleta Wynn Yarrow

Some Of Our Partners:

Bringing Wings to your Space

Art Force can provide Wings pieces in any quantity, and frame them to meet your specific needs. To complete the story on your walls, many Wings pieces come with the narrative behind the piece. Displaying these stories on your walls makes a measurable impact both on the lives of people walking through your space, and those who created the pieces.
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Make a difference with your walls.


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