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Why Art is Smart for Business

William Kieger, CEO, General Finance and Development – Chief Evangelist, Art Force

Comparing Fine Art and Branding

  1. Long term asset value
  2. Telling your story
  3. Work environment impact
  4. Pride in community
  5. Logical analysis

Considering everything that goes into a business space, artwork has for centuries been a smart investment. If you think about furniture, floor covering and equipment lifespan, artwork holds its value better. The investment is often less than 1% of a total construction budget.

Technology and design cannot replace an artist’s creative soul. The energy that is generated from the subject matter and color scheme communicates deeper than almost anything. Each work of art is unique and if strategically selected will integrate and communicate the mission of the organization.

When someone walks into a building space to either work or visit they should be able to say they had a positive experience. Artwork perfectly complements all the tangible and intangible elements that go into a coordinated space.

Being an artist is a profession that is in every community. Artists who have perfected their craft earn a living in the community in which they work and live and purchase goods and services in that community that help drive the economy. Artists with health challenges often create artwork with a special meaning that when effectively displayed within an organization create a cause based culture and pride of being part of the cause.


Branding elements do have a place in a strategic plan for work environments; however, I have observed a trend in recent years where art is being compromised by alternatives that initially appear as being lower cost and a good value in the short term, but the product becomes stale and outdated too soon with little ROI and no residual asset value.

The tangible and intangible returns on art as an investment far outweigh what can be measured by standard accounting and financial analysis. Being in the financial services / business venture industry for most of my life and experiencing the difference that artwork can provide has been enlightening and is absolutely a smart investment.

Below is a visual illustration:

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