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Want To Be An Artist Entrepreneur? Go To Business School.

Business Skills for Artists: Art Force Academy

Artist entrepreneurs, this one is for you!

The stats for successful working artists are not terribly pretty: Out of the two million art graduates in the United States, only 10% earn their primary living from their art. Yes, 10%!

The competition in the art world is certainly intense, and there is a plethora of talent out there, making it challenging for artists to “make it.” Furthermore, the market demands for art are far lower than the production of artwork itself, increasing the difficulty for artists to price their work at a livable rate – or even sell their work in the first place. To make matters worse, 7 out of the 10 most expensive schools in the United States are art schools, resulting in a burdensome amount of student debt.

One problem in the career trajectory of many artists is that there is a vital piece of the puzzle missing from most arts education programs: how to actually run a business. When an individual sets out to become an artist, the job description in mind consists of making art and often stops there. While an art program from an esteemed university may allow a student to take endless courses in painting, ceramics, drawing, and photography, do any require a course in how to make an invoice? How about marketing your work? What about website design?

Art Force Academy: Business Skills For Artists

At Art Force, we recognize that these are real problems that need to be addressed, so we created Art Force Academy. An online learning community, Art Force Academy targets 3 groups of individuals: art enthusiasts, aspiring art consultants, and artist entrepreneurs. For the latter category, we have specifically designed a program that guides artists through all of the tips and tricks of entrepreneurship because when it comes down to it, being an artists is akin to running a small business – you are your own boss and responsible for making your business work!

Business Skills for Artists: Art Force Academy

As an artist, you have more freedom than most professionals. You can decide when you work, where you work, and how you work. While this independence can be exhilarating, it can also be challenging. For that reason, we find it beneficial to think of yourself as an artist entrepreneur. We do not mean to say that an artist’s work is simply a commodity to be produced; rather, we encourage artists to seize control of their career and treat their time as if they are managing a small company.

Art Force Academy will explain how to create a business plan, educate you on the basics of accounting, inform you on the necessary legal contracts and consideration, and demonstrate how to establish a marketing campaign. We are the first to admit, there is a lot of work outside creating art that will require a significant amount of time. However, in order to achieve success as an artist, these are necessary lessons to learn. Below is a brief preview of the subjects the artist entrepreneur program addresses:

Business Skills for Artists: Art Force Academy

The Art of a “Steal”

Did we mention that Art Force Academy is free? That’s right, for the first 200 sign-ups, the enrollment doesn’t cost a dime. Plus, enrolled students can follow the program at their own speed, fitting the courses accordingly into their busy schedules.

Art Force Academy provides an online platform of support, connecting art enthusiasts, art consultants, and professional artists. We believe in a creating a community that shares resources and encourages other members. As an artist, you will broaden your network and increase your exposure through Art Force Academy.

Enroll today, and take your art career to the next level!