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The Healing Power of Art [infographic]

The Healing Power of Art

Art has the power to uplift and inspire. But did you know that artwork also helps with patient outcomes in healthcare?

With special attention on evidence-based design (EBD), a huge body of evidence supports the healing power of artwork in healthcare. For those new to EBD, it is the practice of utilizing evidence and data to inform design decisions that positively affect outcomes. Within the realm of healthcare, EBD is a powerful tool for driving well-researched decisions via hospital design and the artwork selected to improve the patient experience.

The Healing Power of Art

As you will read in The Healing Power of Art: Unlocking the Power of Artwork & Evidence-Based Design, artwork can improve patient outcomes and can even help in the healing process. With evidence supporting improved patient satisfaction, self-esteem, resilience and coping, the power of arts programming in hospitals is gaining increasing support throughout the United States. Are you utilizing the healing potential of artwork?

By focusing on elements of nature, soothing greens and blues, and positive imagery, art in healthcare settings can provide a much needed distraction and even give people hope. Enjoy the infographic and the next time you aren’t feeling well, remember that artwork can always help you feel better! For even more information and research on the healing power of art, please visit our healthcare page or see how Still Life can bring the healing power of art to a hospital near you.

The Healing Power of Art


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