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Artwork As Part of A Tenant Improvement Strategy

When planning tenant improvements for a new lease, many companies do not plan for their decor. To fully realize the potential of your space however, it is key to look past the necessities and design an environment that creates a holistic brand image and engages employees. Today’s organizations need to view their corporate real estate as an asset that can be improved with their furnishings. With the right strategy, artwork can be a low cost addition to a tenant improvement project that delivers a huge return on investment.

Your FF&E budget can help you maximize the investment you are making with your rent. Including artwork in the design improvement plan for your space has significant impact on:

  1. Employee Productivity
  2. Your Brand Image

These two factors translate into real returns for organizations that choose to include artwork in their projects. Artwork typically only represents less than 1% of a total tenant improvement project, yet the benefits to the space far exceed the investment. Not only does artwork often represent a comparatively small part of your project’s budget, but when compared to other tenant improvement expenses such as furniture and wall coverings it retains it’s value far longer.

When deciding how to get the most out of your real estate assets, you can look at the effect of what you include in your space on the overall productivity and output. Employees are clear in their desire to have artwork in their environment. Workers spend on average 5 hours and 45 minutes working at their desks in a given day.

“Corporate Real Estate is becoming an enablement function for the workplace productivity and employee engagement. It’s not about space anymore. Your corporate real estate is your brand.”

– Vik Bangia, CEO of Verum Consulting

Providing an environment that helps employees feel motivated and inspired is key to building a great culture. When well selected and managed, including artwork in your tenant improvement strategy can be an investment in your organization’s employee experience can have real payoffs.

Brand image can be a powerful driver of business goals. When a client enters your space, they should be able to say they had a positive experience. Artwork perfectly complements all the tangible and intangible elements that go into a coordinated space.

Tenant improvement projects seeking to build an environment that provides real returns on their investment should strategically include artwork. When consulting with clients, our goal is to understand the unique needs of your organization. We seek to understand what your drivers and desired project outcomes are in order to provide you with the best product for your project. Use the form below to begin having a conversation on how your tenant improvement project can benefit from artwork.

Let's build your environment together.