SmartArt Program

The Smartest Way to Manage Your Art Assets

Art is an asset that when managed effectively provides substantial intrinsic returns. The SmartArt Program combines art consulting, inventory & project management, and subscription services to help you make the most of your artwork investment.

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The Three Components of the SmartArt Program:

Art Asset Management

Asset Optimization Focusing on Intrinsic ROI

Art Inventory Management and RFID Tagging

Creation of Unique Databases of Available Images for your Organization to Select From

Art Consulting and Project Management

Our Experienced Team Has Placed Over 36,000 Pieces in 50 States

 Art Program Standardization Including Materials and Images

Stakeholder Collaboration: Marketing, Facilities, Architecture, and Project Management

Subscription Program

Flexible Finance Options

Options to Refresh Art Every Six Months

Expertly Curated Selections

How Fortune 500 Organizations Manage Their Artwork

By efficiently providing art services at scale, Art Force is capable of maximizing enterprise level organization’s art investments to provide more quantity, and higher quality of pieces for their projects. We have worked with multiple fortune 500 organizations to develop a standardized art program across multiple locations and multiple facilities. We provide our clients with art management databases including location and RFID information for existing pieces and unique image databases for new artwork.

National Project Management, Expertly Delivered

Our art consultants and project managers are LEAN trained to efficiently provide creative solutions for any environment. We can help you develop an art program for your organization with consistent materials, pricing, and brand image. Art Force has completed installations in all fifty states and can work within your team’s existing processes to seamlessly deliver artwork for your projects. It’s no wonder our team is consistently rated 100/100 while managing projects across the country for some of the largest organizations.


Flexible Finance with Fresh Selections

Our Smart Art Subscription program allows clients to place a range of original and fine art pieces in their space for monthly subscription fees. The program is cash friendly and flexible – you can add art or purchases to your subscription at any time. Clients can decide to exchange their art, maintain their subscription or purchase their pieces at the end of their term. Our rotation program gives you the option to exchange your art for new pieces every six months. Programs begin with a 12-month contract and we offer a 30 day free trial for new clients.

How can the SmartArt program benefit your organization?


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