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Refreshing Your Space With our SmartArt Subscription Program

Our SmartArt program is an easy and affordable way to host an original art collection in your space. With a wide selection of pieces and artists, our team can provide you with the perfect collection for your space. Your collection can include a range of framed reproductions, original paintings, wall sculptures and photography.

The SmartArt Program also allows your art to be periodically refreshed to keep clients, tenants or employees engaged with your collection. Our clients who utilize the SmartArt program pay a monthly fee, and can choose to keep their art as long as they want with an option to eventually purchase their pieces. Below we outline how our SmartArt Program worked to create an image for a philanthropic foundation, and how we help keep the hallways of a commercial real estate tower fresh with local art rotations.

Creating an Image for a Philanthropic Foundation’s New Space


Art Force was recently tasked with helping a philanthropic foundation create an image for their new space. They wanted to include fine art throughout their entry, common spaces, and office areas. The foundation sought art that inspires and engages employees, donors and visitors alike. They elected to utilize Art Force’s SmartArt subscription program to affordably host an art program that would be exchanged every six months. Our consultants provided them with their first rotation of over seventeen pieces including paintings, watercolors, photography, and three dimensional wall sculptures. 

Paintings with splashes of color add energy and vibrancy to their employees’ work spaces. When paired with printed inspirational quotes from influential leaders, their art program helps to focus their team on the lasting global change the foundation seeks to create. As their employees adjust to the new space, the art will be exchanged to maintain the freshness of their environment.

Refreshing the Common Areas of a Commercial Office Building

A real estate developer wanted to create a high end, professional image for their tenants and visitors by adding art to the common areas of their building. We provided them with a range of art local to their facility and helped them select the perfect package for their first rotation. When creating an art program for your space, the placement of your pieces is critical for creating your desired environment. Our consultants are experts at placing art to maximize the value of your investment and can help you select the right piece and location for your desired environment.

For this project, we installed pieces to fill the hallways and lounge area with impressive, original fine art. In this rotation, we selected art that was colorful and modern while incorporating imagery of the surrounding city and urban life. By periodically changing their facility’s art collection, the building maintains an attractive and engaging environment.

Our SmartArt Process

To begin the process, we first connect you with one of our Art Consultants. Our consultants will work with you to select the artists,  images, and materials that are right for your space. Whether we’re working with designers, facility managers, or your internal stakeholders, collaboration is our specialty. We’ll weigh in everyone’s perspective and create a compelling solution for your environment. Every rotation is sure to fit with your desired image and company values, and will create excitement with everyone who encounters your space.

Best of all, our SmartArt program is flexible – you can add art or purchases to your subscription at any time. Subscriptions start with 12-month terms and are paid in cash friendly, affordable monthly payments. Clients can decide to exchange their art after six months, maintain their subscription, or purchase their pieces at the end of their term. All of your subscription payments can be put towards the eventual purchase of your art. Use the form below to get in contact with one of our consultants to learn how you can host a fine art program of your own!

Let's create your art program together.

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