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The Power of Creative Wayfinding

Getting people from A to B is an art form. Wayfinding is something that people encounter everyday as a way to help us along. Wayfinding tactics should catch the passerby’s attention to make navigating easier so that visitors can seamlessly find their way. 

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We’ve all been lost before. Feeling lost in any place is a stressful feeling for anyone, no matter where they are. In healthcare settings wayfinding design promotes healing — giving patients and visitors the ability to understand their environment reduces stress and anxiety. According to a 2007 study by Barbara J. Huelat for The Center of Health Design, “Stress caused by disorientation may result in feelings of helplessness, raised blood pressure, headaches, increased physical exertion, and fatigue.” The colors used in your signage can be effective at evoking a response from viewers. Cool colors – blues, greens, purples – have a calming effect, and warm colors – reds, oranges, yellows – have an energizing effect. Differentiating areas of a large space by color “themes” is an excellent wayfinding tactic. 

Using an identifiable part of your brand can be a unifying visual guide for your space.  For example, Art Force provided a client with wayfinding by placing signage with images of apples, a major part of their brand and identity, to guide their visitors around their facility. What’s on your walls, from signage to art, can influence attitudes, decisions, and creative processes of your workplace. Just like all other artwork, the aesthetic of your facility’s way finding system has a subconscious impact on both staff and visitors alike. Providing successful wayfinding can even enhance your company’s productivity – if visitors and new staff are able to easily find their own way in your space, they will not have to disrupt the productivity of employees in order to receive assistance. 

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Wayfinding created by artists or designers, compared to standard, uniform signage gives a space the power of individuality and can allow your space to be both unique and organized. When you are in an unfamiliar place, you will often look for the things that “stand out” compared to looking for things that are uniform. Using unique, creative wayfinding systems will help visitors develop a “mental map” of their route and your space. Get in touch with us to design a creative wayfinding system for your facility!

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