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Opening Event at Minneapolis Convention Center

Art Force Holds Opening Event at Minneapolis Convention Center

SmartArt Rotating Art Program Features 14 Local Artists at the Venue

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sep. 17, 2014 /William Kieger, President of Art Force announced today that an opening event was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, currently exhibiting 36 pieces of original art created by 14 local artists. The Minneapolis Convention Center is the first large public venue to subscribe to the SmartArt Rotating Art Program,an online marketplace providing a distribution channel for original art. The program gives any size organization the opportunity to experience original fine art created by local artists on a rotating basis for a monthly subscription fee.


The opening was attended by Art Force staff, Minneapolis city officials and business leaders and professionals who support and appreciate the creative culture and economy in the Minneapolis area.

According to Kieger, “We have been developing the SmartArt Rotating Art Program for about a year now and with the Minneapolis Convention Center as a client we have a public showcase for local artists in the Minneapolis community to exhibit their amazing creations. The Minneapolis Convention Center is a gateway for many visitors exploring the city and to become aware of the vibrant arts and creative culture”.

For one affordable monthly fee, clients get original artwork that can be rotated out every six months. That means new art on the walls twice a year. The Smart Art Program provides Art Force with recurring revenues from each client.

Art Force has developed and is continuing to invest in a web-based platform to facilitate the Smart Art Program, which will improve the company’s ordering and fulfillment process, as well as efficiencies. The model is to be expanded to other cities over the next year.

Subscribers can go to and with the guidance of Art Consultants select art from an online portfolio featuring area artists, which is then installed and eligible to be rotated every six months for a fresh look. There is also a purchase option and financing available.”

“This program is scalable and simplifies the business for our clients, community of artists in major cities and our company and shareholders,” said Kieger.  “It’s a win-win-win.”

There are currently six sites, including The Minneapolis Convention Center and organizations representing industries such as restaurant, financial services, insurance, commercial real estate and employee staffing.