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Mural Monday: Rone in Nashville


Today’s Mural Monday takes us down to Nashville, where the Australian artist Rone has created a new mural. The wall reflects Rone’s classic style, depicting a beautiful Jane Doe portrait in a neutral color scheme.

RONE1Image Source: Rone.

Nashville Walls Project

Rone was invited to paint a mural by the Nashville Walls Project, a new street art project organized by Gibson Custom Shop. The initiative invited diverse artists from across the world, including Adele Renault, Niels Shoe Meulman, and Herakut. The differing styles of the artists was intentional, as the project aims to highlight individual creativity and eclecticism. “This is a new form of visual arts that really, if you go to most major cities now, this is a huge part of the city landscape,” describes Brian Greif, project coordinator for Nashville Walls Project. “It’s the biggest art movement since pop art.” In addition to the mural created, each artist exhibited fine art from their studio work in a local gallery, Tinney Contemporary, highlighting the greater scope of each artist’s practice.

RONE3 Image Source: Rone.

The Nashville Walls Project plans to invite more artists to the city after this initial round of murals are created. As urban art continues to rise in popularity, more and more cities are bringing in artists and hosting festivals in order to promote the art movement and celebrate international talent. “Nashville is opening it’s arms to more visual art that will match the amazing music that’s been going on here for so long,”states Tova Lobatz, the curator for the Nashville Wall Project.


Melbourne-based Tyrone Wright, better known by his artist name Rone, is internationally recognized for his portraits of mysterious and stunning women. Closely-cropped and charged with visceral emotions, Rone’s subjects are captivating and alluring. Often painted on old buildings with worn surfaces, Rone’s murals blend beauty and decay, juxtaposing elegance with deterioration. Although the creation of the mural adds immediate beauty to its environment, the artwork is still subject to the elements. Over time, the murals progressively fade, crumble, and likely are vandalized, demonstrating the transience of beauty.

RONE2Image Source: Rone.

Rone began in the urban arts by decorating skate boards and skate parks, where he was then introduced to the world of graffiti. He is one of the creators of Everfresh Studios, with which he remains an active member.  When he began in the early 2000s, Rone’s practice consisted of primarily of stencils and screenprints; however, his style has evolved to have a more freehand approach. Rone’s work is now one of the defining components of Melbourne’s landscape, and is found on almost every edge of the world, including London, Montreal, Miami, Berlin, Penang, and San Fransisco.