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Mural Monday: Tribute to Prince in Minneapolis


A new tribute mural to Prince appeared in Uptown this past weekend as “a nice present to the city of Minneapolis,” stated the artist of the mural, Rock “Cyfi” Martinez. The death of Prince shocked the world last week, with the strongest tolls being felt by the state of Minnesota, where Prince was one of, if not the, most beloved public figures.

    mural princeImage Source: Cyfione.

The mural presents Prince with his short haircut and the years of his birth and death, while also highlighting his signature symbols. “I just thought about the different songs, the color palette, keeping it purple — obviously — and then the doves,”describes Martinez. “I did the symbol instead of his name to acknowledge Prince’s battle for control of his music.”

Mural Monday - Prince, MartinezImage Source: The Current.

Martinez painted the mural over the course of seven hours on Saturday, April 23rd, playing Prince music while he publicly worked. The painting of the mural established a positive community atmosphere, celebrating the life of Prince through artistic creation. The individual act of painting became a group event, as many pedestrians stopped to watch Martinez work while taking photographs to document the experience.

Mural Monday -PrinceImage Source: The Current.

Located on 26th Street and Hennepin Avenue, the mural reaches about a story high. Martinez regular paints a rotating mural on the 26th Street side of the building, which currently features a mural of a bird with a cursive text of “Uptown.” Although his murals on the building are typically temporary, the building owners gave permission for the Prince mural to be a permanent addition.

Mural Monday - uptownImage Source: The Current.

Mural Monday - PrinceImage Source: The Current.

This mural is just one of the many rapidly mobilized tributes that followed the passing of Prince last Thursday, April 21st.