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Mural Monday: Olympics Art Install by JR


Olympics Art in Rio de Janeiro

It’s the start of a new week, so let’s kick it off with a rather timely work of public art. In honor of the Olympic Games opening last week, artist JR completed two giant installations in Rio de Janeiro. Although these pieces are not exactly murals, they function in a similar manner to a mural: both act as a public works of art enjoyed by an entire community. JR’s installations depict two athletes that interact with the city. The first is of Cologne-based, Sudanese high jumper Mohamed Younes Idress hurdling over a 25-story apartment building in downtown. JR states, “He missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics but he is there somehow.” The second work is of an anonymous diver who is suspended over the water in the Barra neighborhood of Rio.

JR rio1Image Source: Street Art News.

JR uses a unique technique to create his installations. The artist incorporates his signature black-and-white photography which he then printed onto fabric and attached to scaffolds.

JR rio 2Image Source: Street Art News.


JR is the pseudonym for the semi-anonymous French artist. Specializing in photography and urban art, JR refers to himself as a photograffeur, displaying large, black-and-white photographs in public locations by plastering portraits onto rooftops, walls, along sides of buses, and in church windows. Internationally recognized, JR communicates a message of social justice and action by “using art to turn the world inside out.” One of his first major project, Portrait d’une Generation (2004-06), received notable attention in which he displayed images throughout the Paris suburbs of young African immigrants joking around in front of the camera. Along with a similar theme, his 2005-7 project Face 2 Face, JR featured images of happy Jews and Palestinians along disputed border between Israel and Palestine.

JR states that he works in the “largest art gallery in the world,” in reference to work in the public domain of the streets. JR has received significant praise for his work, such as when Shepard Fairey stated, “JR is the most ambitious street artist working.” Additionally, JR won the 2011 TED Prize and used the $100,000 award to fund start the Inside Out Project.

JR rio1Image Source: Street Art News.