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Mural Monday: New Work by Roa for The Crystal Ship Festival

Mural Monday

For this week’s Mural Monday, we are heading to Belgium for its newest festival, The Crystal Ship. Despite the tragedies of last week’s attacks in Brussels, the festival has still begun strong, receiving international recognition. The Crystal Ship will highlight the work of countless talented artists, bringing a glimmer of positivity amidst the recent crisis. The official opening of the festival is today, March 28th, and will continue through April, 10th.

Roa, Mural Monday

Image Source: StreetArtNews.

Kicking off The Crystal Ship festival is a new mural by Roa. With his distinct style prevailing -finely tuned, detailed brushstrokes cast in meticulous, monochromatic shading – Roa’s finished piece features an aggregation of sleeping rodents. A recurring subject matter for Roa, the large-scale depiction provides a great amount of depth and three dimensionality of the tiny creatures, whom the artist piles high to form a pyramid structure. For each mural the Roa creates, the animal he chooses to paint reflect the in community in which the wall inhabits. With this project in an urban alleyway of Belgian city,  the mural includes a rabbit, a squirrel, a chipmunk a hedgehog, a mole, and a mouse.


Roa, Mural MondayImage Source: StreetArtNews.

The Crystal Ship

In its inaugural year, The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival that specializes in the creation public art.  Hosted in Ostend, Belgium, The Crystal Ship showcases the work of local and international artists. The creation of murals and public art is designed to form a pathway through the city, creating an “artistic path” for visitors to follow. This year’s lineup also includes: 1010, Fintan Magee, Guido Van Helten, Pixel Pancho, Robert Montgomery, Ella & Pitr, Agostino Iacurci, Faith47, Ever, Cyrcle, JAZ, Elian, Isaac Cordal, Biancoshock & Zio Ziegler.

A young festival with a strong showcase of talent, The Crystal Ship festival is putting Ostend on the map.

Roa, Mural MondayImage Source: StreetArtNews.


Originally from Ghent, Belgium, Roa is a world renowned urban artist; however, very little is known about the artist himself. Similar to many other street artists and muralists, Roa began experimenting with graffiti as a teenager by spraying throw-ups and tagging on bridges and warehouses throughout his local community. As he grew to become a professional urban artist, Roa has maintained his anonymity, despite the fact that his work now falls within legal realms of public art creation. The mystery behind his identity increases the freedom of his expression and adds to the intrigue of his work. Roa’s public work can now be found across the world, including Russia, France, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Gambia, Norway, Australia, the US, and Thailand.  Additionally, Roa has a fine art practice and has exhibited his work internationally.