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Mural Monday: “Henrietta’s Homecoming” by Fin DAC


Mural Monday

The 2016 edition of Upfest just wrapped up in Bristol, where Fin DAC created a new mural, titled Henrietta’s Homecoming. For anyone familiar with the artist’s work, this mural would be almost unrecognizable – apart from the painted face mask – as a work by Fin DAC. Known for his realistic stencils of female portraits, his most recent work still displays a female character, but she is painted in the style of a childlike Manga character. The mural is playful and youthful through its pastel colors, young protagonist, and bubble-like shapes. Paying tribute to two important figures, both to the community and Fin DAC personally, the mural references Banksy and FarkFK.

henrietta5-smlImage Source: StreetArtNews.

Henrietta’s Homecoming is chock full of references. The mural displays a girl who just released a red balloon, which exists “underneath” the primary image and is revealed through what appears to be a tear in the exterior layer. A girl with a red balloon references Banksy’s iconic stencil. The festival in which Fin DAC participated took place in Bristol, the hometown of Banksy, inspiring Fin DAC to pay tribute to the infamous street artist. Additionally, the Manga girl is a character previously painted by Fin DAC’s friend and mentor FarkKF. The mural also references the housing of Bristol in the background landscape, and the floating house in the upper left corner recalls the home from the Pixar movie Up.

henrietta4-smlImage Source: StreetArtNews.

As the largest street art and graffiti festival in Europe, Upfest invites over 300 artists to paint in 28 venues across Bristol. This year’s lineup included artists from 25 different countries, as well as from across the UK. The festival also includes an affordable art sale, music performances, and art workshops.

henrietta7-smlImage Source: StreetArtNews.


Calling his style “Urban Aesthetics,” Fin DAC defies all norms of street art, taking a contemporary approach to a 19th century art movement. With diverse sources of inspiration, the artists cites his influences to¬† range from “graphic novels to Francis Bacon/Aubrey Beardsley.” As a self-taught artist, Fin DAC refers to himself as non-conformist and does not follow the common rules of street art – particularly in his ability to create large-scale portraits from a stencil technique. Fin DAC blends traditional clothing with Western fashion and typically depicts pan-Asian or Latina characters – always with his signature painted mask. Although born in Ireland, the artist now resides in London.