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Mural Monday: Empower Equality by gilf!


Pride Mural

gilf! recently created a mural in the West Village of New York City to celebrate love, acceptance, and equality. Serving as a tribute piece to the aftermath of Orlando, the mural displays a large, central fist painted in rainbow colors. Below, the artist wrote the names of the victims in the Orlando shooting. gilf! was able to paint the mural with the help of The L.I.S.A Project and The DRiF, completed just in time for NYC Pride.

gilf! pride muralImage Source: gilf!.

pride mural gilfImage Source: gilf!.

The rainbow fist is an image previously used by gilf!, such as in a limited edition silkscreen the she released several years ago.

empower equality printEmpower Equality Silkscreen print. Image Source: Station 16 Gallery.

The L.I.S.A Project

The L.I.S.A (Little Italy Street Art) Project is a non-profit organization that invites street artists to create murals. The project began to organize murals solely in the Little Italy neighborhood in 2012, but they have since expanded to create murals in Chelsea, SoHo, the Lower Eastside, Chinatown, and the Eastside. Under the leadership of Wayne Rada, the L.I.S.A. Project has gained international recognition and praise for the its outstanding murals, artistic contributions, and community engagement.

gilf pride mural detailImage Source: The DRiF.

About gilf!

Anne Lewis, otherwise known as gilf!, is a conceptual artist as much as she is a political activist. Living and working in Brooklyn,  gilf! consistently promotes progressive change through her work. An active street and fine artist, gilf! addresses an array of political, social, and economic issues. gilf!’s career in activist art originated when she began protesting the Bush administration while working on her BFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has since gained recognition for her public art, performances, murals, curatorial projects, and gallery works. gilf! received national attention in 2014 when she installed police tape that read “GENTRIFICATION IN PROCESS” around the former graffiti hub 5 Pointz in Queens. Constantly producing work that allows for a viewer dialogue, gilf! aims for mindful and positive societal evolution. Her most recent mural demonstrates her initiative, community engagement, and highly progressive nature, encouraging the public to Empower Equality.