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Mural Monday: Ella et Pitr Back In Saint Etienne


For this week’s Mural Monday, we’re heading to France for the latest mural by the street art duo, Ella et Pitr. Located on the side wall of the Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux train station, the mural depicts another one of Ella et Pitr’s sleeping giants in monumental proportions.

Elle et Pitr Mural MondayImage Source: Sold Art.

Titled “Le coup de pied à la lune” (The kick to the moon), the symbolic work contains several allusions. The mural specifically portrays a referee, indicating the importance of football to the city of Saint Etienne. Additionally, the moon represents the arts of the city by referencing the Georges Méliès film “A Trip to the Moon.” Using large-scale dimensions to represent key cultural elements of the city, the wall stretches 30 meters long and took 4 days to complete.

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Ella et Pitr

A French duo hailing from Saint-Etienne, Ella et Pitr formed in 2007, originally under the name “Les Papiers Peintres.” Large-scale murals and a use of anamorphosis characterize their work, often showcasing misshaped figures in distorted, unnatural positions.  Sleepy giants and large birds are the most common subject of Ella et Pitr’s work, often portrayed in a gray scale color scheme with a single splash of color. To depict their subjects, the duo utilizes a simple, yet distinctive, illustrative style .

Ella et Pitr hold the record for the largest mural in the world: their work Lilith & Olaf measures 21,000 square meters (about 226,040 square feet). Located in Stavanger, Norway, the mural was created for the 2016 edition of the Nuart Festival. Like many of Ella et Pitr’s other works, this mural was created on a rooftop and is only visible from an aerial view.

The duo has painted murals and wheatpasted all across the globe, including Canada, Italy, Portugal, and Chile, just to name a few. Ella et Pitr continues to be a leading figure in the urban art community, as one of the only artists to specialize in aerial/rooftop murals.