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Mural Monday: Elian in Kiev


Mural Monday in Kiev

Argentinian artist, Elian Chali, recently painted a mural on a secondary school in Kiev. Titled Slight Presence in Transparency, Elian created the work of public art as a part of the Mural Social Club Festival. Known for his abstract murals composed of large swaths of bright, solid colors, Slight Presence in Transparency is in line with the artist’s typical style: a white background filled with overlapping geometric shapes in red, green, blue, yellow, black, and gray.

ElianFB_photo-by-ElianImage Source: Maksim Blouson & Elian.

Despite the mural’s consistencies with Elian’s trademark style, the artist experimented with his use of transparency. Elian states, “Unlike my recent work, I haven’t used transparency effect of the primary colors for this piece, only a slight presence in gray. My search is developed on the behavior of pure colors and overlapping. The white background is almost non-existent, the wall is saturated with figures that respond to a central point. None basic geometric element is present, but the hardness of the transverse lines give a sense of geometry. This piece establishes the debate about the importance of empty spaces (air) in a composition.”

elian kiev 3Image Source: Maksim Blouson & Elian.

Public Art for Everyone

As the first international festival of contemporary art in Ukraine, Mural Social Club invited more than 30 artists to create more than 30 murals over the course of the past couple months. The festival aims to help make art more popular in Ukraine while also decentralizing urban culture. By creating murals in the outskirts of Kiev, and not just in the city center, Mural Social Club hopes to share public art with a wider range of people. Approximately 80% of the murals created during the festival were in residential parts of the city. The lineup includes a mixture of international and Ukrainian artists. The festival as organized by NGO Sky Festival and curated by Oleg Sosnov and Yulia Ostrovska.

 elian kiev 2Image Source: Brooklyn Street Art.

Elian’s mural was created on a secondary school in Kiev, where it adds a splash of color and creativity for the students and teachers. Art and creativity are being increasingly recognized as vital elements to education, and the inclusion of the mural in the school contributes to the overall learning experience of the students.

elian in kievImage Source: Brooklyn Street Art.


Based in Córdoba, Argentina, Elian Chali is an urban artist who creates mesmerizing, abstract compositions. Elian’s introduction to art began art age 15, when he started tagging and bombing in Córdoba. Being dyslexic, the artist had difficulty with reading and writing growing up, but when he picked up a spray can, it was the first he “ever felt at home writing.” Since his teenage days in the Argentinian graffiti scene, Elian has traveled extensively and created murals across the world.