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Mural Monday: D*Face in Amsterdam


“…I Feel So…Incomplete”

It’s Mural Monday again! This week, we’re talking about Amsterdam, where D*Face painted a new mural that incorporates his classic combination of melancholy text, bright colors, comic book characters, and Ben-Day dots. Created in a style reminiscent of Lichtenstein, D*Face reinterprets pop art to have a darker, more sinister twist. In his most recent mural, D*Face depicts an iconically beautiful women – blonde hair, blue eyes, red lips – yet distress clearly plagues her, as a skeleton hand reaches towards her with a thought bubble reads, “…I feel so…incomplete.”  D*Face highlights the shallow, superficial qualities of external beauty, noting that the woman still has the lingering emotion that somethings is lacking.

Mural Monday: D*FaceImage Source: Street Art News.


One of the most prolific artists of urban art, D*Face portrays the dysfunctional world of contemporary society through a satirical form of pop art. The English street artist has remained notably elusive throughout his career, despite revealing his identity to be Dean Stockton in 2008. Through a diverse artistic practice, D*Face utilizes spray paint, stickers, posters, and stencils in his street art, as well as a mixed-media approach in his fine art.

D*Face grew up in London, where he developed an interest in graffiti and skate culture at an early age. Beginning his career in the advertising industry, he was fascinated by the manipulative and influential nature of the business: advertisers could display their messages seemingly anywhere, and tongue-in-cheek, D*Face wished to do the same. His interest in today’s media-saturated culture, alongside his dissatisfaction with a 9-5 desk job and artistic proclivity, led him to seek an alternate career path as a street artist.

Mural Monday: D*FaceImage Source: Street Art News.

Mural Monday: D*FaceImage Source: Street Art News.

Bright colors, comic book imagery, and graphic shapes are key features in the art of D*Face. Often using the term aPOPcalyptic to describe his work, D*Face portrays the corrupt, widespread consumerism that have overtaken modern society. While doing so in a light-hearted fashion, D*Face criticizes notions of the American Dream, suggesting that good does not triumph over evil. The subversive angle to his playful and captivating scenes creates a contradiction for the viewer: to accept or deny society’s broken reality, while pondering whether ignorance truly is bliss.

Additionally, D*Face is the owner and curator of Stolen Space Gallery (originally Outside Institute), the first street art gallery to open in London, which continues to be the leading contemporary urban art gallery in the city.  Although his work sells at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Bonham’s Auction Houses with an incredible price tag, D*Face continues to illegally place his work in the public sphere to share with the everyday viewer.

Mural Monday: D*FaceImage Source: Street Art News.

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