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Mural Monday: Collab by Stinkfish and Mazatl in Honduras


Today’s Mural Monday is taking us down to Honduras, where a newly formed duo, Stinkfish and Mazatl, recently completed their first collaboration. Located in the streets of Tegucigalpa, the mural blends figurative and abstract elements while highlighting the distinctive styles of each artist. The work of Stinkfish is identifiable through the female portrait, where an anonymous face is highlighted with splashes of colorful spray paint. The black and white creature that swirls and extends from the woman is the work of Mazatl, who commonly creates black and white depictions of animals.

Stinkfish - Mazatl Mural Monday 1Image Source: StreetArtNews.


Based on Bogota, Stinkfish is an urban artist known for his portraits. His work is typically based off of anonymous photographs either taken or found by the artist. Stinkfish transforms these photographs into murals and paintings through stencils and free-had spray painting, reinventing an identity and story for the unknown individual. With no formal artistic training, Stinkfish began painting in 2003 by experimenting with graffiti. Along with three of his friends, they formed the group Excused Printsystem and began spraying stencils across the city. Stinkfish would continue within the urban art scene, developing his own practice to include murals, tags, stickers, and posters. After years of trial and error, Stinkfish has created an identifiable style, which he describes as “tropical wild.” The name “Stinkfish” does not have a specific story; the artist simply liked the word “stink” and decided to combine it with the word “fish.” The artist utilizes other aliases when signing his work, such as “Hate,” “Quetzal,” and “Knits.” Although his presence is strongest in South America, Stinkfish’s work can be found across the world.

Stinkfish - Mazatl Mural Monday 5Image Source: StreetArtNews.


Living and working in Mexico City, Mazatl is an urban artist that specializes in printmaking. In addition to his wide range of screen prints and relief prints, Mazatl’s street practice includes murals, wheatpastes, and woodcuts. Mazatl is a member of numerous art collectives, each that aim to achieve social, political and/or environmental justice. The primary subject of Mazatl’s work is animals, often representing species who are, or are nearly, extinct. Since Mazatal works heavily with relief printing, his subjects are typically duotoned. Although Mazatl is primarily working in Mexico and Central America, he is quickly gaining an international following.

Stinkfish - Mazatl Mural Monday 4Image Source: StreetArtNews.

Stinkfish - Mazatl Mural Monday 6Image Source: StreetArtNews.