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Mural Monday: Collab with 2Alas and Case Maclaim


Hello, Mural Monday! A stunning new collaboration grabbed our attention this past week when 2Alas and Case Maclaim teamed up to create a mural in Miami.

2alas +case mural mondayImage Source: Street Art News.

Inspired by Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, the mural combines and reflects the distinctive style of each artist, creating a unique blend of realism and abstraction. The mural features a distorted portrait in the dark color palette typical of Case Maclaim, which is broken up by light, geometric designs typical of 2Alas. The outcome is unparalleled in its originality and fine technique.

incredulity-of-saint-thomas-Caravaggio, The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (1603). Image Source:


2Alas is an arts collective consisting of Andrew Antonaccio & Filio Galvez known for their black and white portraits, abstracted by colorful, geometric designs. With Puerto Rican and Cuban origins, the duo now lives and works in Miami. Finding inspiration in a verse of Spanish literature that compares Cuba and Puerto Rico to the wings of a single bird (Cuba y Puerto Rico son de un pajaro las dos alas, reciben flores y balas sobre el mismo corazón” – Lola Rodriguez de Tio), 2Alas established their concept and identity. With their studio in the Wynwood Art District, 2Alas has been making their mark in the Miami art scene since 2010. 2Alas is increasingly working in the international art scene, with their murals and art featured in Italy, Switzerland, Montreal, New York , Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

2alas + case Mural MondayImage Source: Street Art News.

Case Maclaim

Andreas von Chrzanowski, otherwise known as Case Maclaim, is a German graffiti artist known for his photorealist portraits spray painted on walls across Europe. He is one of the founding members of the Maclaim Crew, a group of young and talented urban artists. Established in 2000, the Maclaim Crew is considered one of the pioneers of photorealistic portraits in the world of graffiti.

Born in 1979, Case was raised in East Germany and received a degree in Art Restoration and Conservation from Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. Case began to experiment with spray paint in the mid 1990s, focusing on creating art that is impossible to duplicate: detailed, one-of-a-kind portraits that contrast from a society of mass-production. With the human body as his prominent subject, Case often distorts or enhances his depictions, veering on the edge of the fantastic or mythical. His characters are enthralling and sometimes disturbing, and while emotion fills his life-like portraits, the specific feeling can be difficult to identify. As one of the leading contemporary artists of Germany, Case Maclaim has aided in creating a new genre in the realm of urban art, influencing artists internationally to adopt similar styles of expression. Case Maclaim lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

2alas + case Mural MondayImage Source: Street Art News.

Little Haiti Mural Project

The Little Haiti Mural Project is an initiative to enliven and beautify the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, while maintaining the spirit and identity of the community. The project aims to create a cohesive style through each of its murals to embody the essence of Haitian or Caribbean culture. Carefully curated, the project works with the local community members and leaders to maintain its specific cultural theme.