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Mural Monday: Buff Monster in Montreal


Just last week, Buff Monster created a mural in Montreal titled The Seven Deadly Sins. The mural was a part of the city’s Mural Festival, an annual urban arts event that invites local and international artists to paint murals throughout the city. The two-story mural features Buff Monster’s signature melted, one-eyed, ice cream-monsters painted in bubble gum pink and other bright colors. As the title states, the mural depicts each of the deadly sins with seven little monsters that each represent a different sin.

buff monster mural 2Image Source: Buff Monster.

Montreal Mural Festival

The Mural Festival is an annual art festival in Montreal, Quebec, taking place over the course of 11 days. 2016 marked the 4th year of the festival and proved to be the biggest year yet, with artists and visitors from around the world traveling to Montreal. In addition to the dozens of murals created, the festival included many musical acts and public art displays. The Mural Festival occurred primarily on Boulevard St-Laurent, or “The Main,” one of the historical hearts of the city and centers for nightlife. The festival closed the street down to be pedestrian-only, bringing out masses of people to witness the creation of incredible murals. As a street that has economically suffered over the past decade, the Mural Festival has helped to bring back new life and financial growth to the many small businesses along the boulevard.

buff monstern5Image Source: Station 16 Gallery.

In addition to the mural he created, a book signing of Buff Monster’s book, Stay Melty, took place at Station 16 Gallery, one of the partners of the Mural Festival.

 buff monster mural 6Image Source: Station 16 Gallery.

Buff Monster

As New York-based urban artist, Buff Monster is all about the color pink. Incorporated into every work he creates, the color pink exudes boldness, happiness, and individuality. His work is characterized by colorful, silly characters, citing his major influences to be heavy metal, ice cream, graffiti, Pop Art, and Japanese culture. Although beginning in street art, his career has grown to include a wide range of mediums beyond street art and murals. He has created vinyl and resin toys, stickers, shirts, and prints, a well as two series of limited edition collectible trading cards, titled The Melty Misfits. Buff Monster has also worked his many notable companies, including, Disney, Converse, Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, Samsung, and others.

buff monster muralImage Source: Buff Monster.

buff monster 4Image Source: Buff Monster.

buff monster mural 3Image Source: Buff Monster.