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Mural Monday: Bordalo II in Estonia


Mural Monday

It’s the beginning of a new week, meaning we are back again with a Mural Monday post. Bordalo II recently completed a three-dimensional mural in Tallin, Estonia that depicts a large squirrel enjoying a little snack.

Appropriately titled “Flying Squirrel,” the installation measures 8 meters high and was made completely from recycled materials. The Portuguese artist commonly typically creates animals throughout his work, but specifically chose to create a squirrel as they are an endangered species in Estonia. Bordalo created the installation for JJ-Street Baltic Session: Street Art Jam Festival and has been very well received by the community, as well as the Estonian Ministry of Environment.

squirrel mural 3Image Source: StreetArt News.

Bordalo II

Born in Lisbon in 1987, Bordalo II first developed an interest in art by watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, paint the city of Lisbon. The artist often explores themes related to material and consumer culture, highlighting the unnecessary and excessive waste produced throughout the world. Utilizing a mixed-media practice, Bordalo II typically mounts his work upon a wooden base, to which he then attaches a collection of diverse objects. Bordalo II forms ideas and creates artwork from “end of life” materials or garbage. By doing so, he not only exhibites the concept of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but also demonstrates that many objects can serve numerous purposes. Related to the theme of recycling is his choice of subject matter. Bordalo almost exclusively creates animals, emphasizing the natural world and human’s relation to it. By constructing creatures of the natural world from “garbage,” Bordalo bring attention to the way in which we affect animals and the amount to which human’s waste harms the environment.

Bordalo II’s career has begun to take off in the past several years, participating in festival around the world and exhibiting in both group and solo exhibitions.

squirrel mural2Image Source: StreetArt News.

squirrel mural1Image Source: StreetArt News.