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Mural Monday: 1010 in Milan



1010 Mural in Milan

The feature for today’s Mural Monday is a new work by 1010, which he recently completed in Milan. 1010 created the mural in conjunction to his solo show Serendipity at 10 A.M. ART Gallery, with the mural adorning the building of the gallery. As one of 1010’s largest public works, the mural stretches across multiple sides of the building.

10Image Source: Andrea Concina.

Urban Opt-Art

Although 1010’s latest mural aligns with his general aesthetics, it branches away from his recognizable style. 1010 paints optical illusions, producing a portal that appears to extend into the wall. His opt-art murals seem to be three dimensional shapes, made of colorful layers that extend deeper into the wall until it reaches an eerie, unknown blackness. His new mural in Milan follows the same principle of three dimensionality through its colorful layers, but instead of appearing to penetrate into the wall’s interior, the layers swirl and maneuver around the building. 1010 incorporates his expert execution of shadow and color gradients, and alongside its grandiosity, the wall is mesmerizing and captivating. The combination of the large scale mural outside the gallery with the smaller works exhibited inside is designed to establish a dialogue for the viewer, immersing them into an environment of conceptual images and introspective thoughts.

The mural and gallery are located at Via Barrili 21, Milan, Italy. Serendipity will be on display until July 2nd.

1010 mural 1Image Source: Andrea Concina.

1010 muralImage Source: Andrea Concina.

1010 mural 3Image Source: Andrea Concina.

1010 mural 4Image Source: Andrea Concina.

About 1010

Born in Poland but based in Germany, 1010 is an urban artist known for his abstract, op-art creations. 1010 received his name from a Hamburg-based photographer, TXMX, when he first started creating pasteups and entering into the urban art community of Hamburg. At the time, he was working with minimal characters, primarily 1 and 0, made from old newspapers. TXMX found and photographed the pasteups throughout the city and tagged the photos as 1010 on flickr, leading the artist to adopt the name formally. 1010 began creating his street art illusions in 2009 and has since traveled and worked around the world, leaving his hypnotic works wherever he goes.