Multi-family Project Portfolio

When it comes to multi-family real estate, environment is everything. Tenants want to be wowed and inspired! The artwork you select will create the atmosphere – the essence of your brand and your property’s image. In a modern age when you are competing for more than providing a place to stay, the industry has noticed the critical importance of creating memorable spaces and experiences. Your aesthetic choices should tell a unique and compelling story. What’s your story and how can we help you tell it? From inspiration to installation, we can help you make a lasting impression.

We are experts at creative project management. Our on-site production facility helps us maintain rigorous quality and efficiency standards for each product line. Custom visual solutions are also available for projects that call for new products and commissioned art. Plus, nationwide installation. Browse our portfolio below for inspiration for your next project!

Case Study: Latitude 45 Apartments

Latitude 45, luxury high-rise apartments, opened up in downtown Minneapolis this past September. Art Force worked hard with ESG Architects to create a unique look for the apartment building.

Art Force selected edgy and urban artwork for the space. For the lobby, “wow” pieces to greet people at the public entry off the busy Washington Street entrance were used. The space is a mix of casual comfort and upscale elegance created by the entire interior design.

SmartArt Program

A finance-to-own program with the option to rotate art after six months of service, SmartArt is particularly useful in both the hospitality and public venues industries.

With the ability to rotate art and pay in installments to own, flexibility meets convenience with SmartArt. For more information, visit our SmartArt page. 

Make a Statement

You want your artwork to look authentic, one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Giant murals or commissioned sculptures can give highly trafficked areas that extra push into excellence.

Every piece of art helps write a chapter in your story. The idea is to ultimately create brand lift for your environment. We can help you inspire and reach your tenants in new and compelling ways.

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