Art Force MSP

We work with our community to ignite the creative economy and to uplift artists & charitable organizations. Since inception, Art Force has worked with over 150 clients and over 1,000 artists to place over 30,000 pieces of art nationwide. Each piece placed has allowed us to host community outreach events, champion health challenged artists, and contribute over $150,000 to more than 20 charitable and non-profit organizations since 2013.

How We Structure our Support:

1. Building our community through outreach and charitable contributions with our Community Fund.

2. Supporting creative professionals through patronage and entrepreneurial education.

3. Empowering health challenged artists through our Wings program.

Art Force Community Fund

We have made contributions to food shelves, organizations that support health challenged artists, children with cancer, children and teens holiday gifts, and many other organizations serving the community. Since 2013, our community fund has contributed over $100,000 to more than 20 organizations.

Annual Holiday Charity Benefit

Our annual holiday benefit supports local charities and causes. At our benefit we host a sale and silent auction of select original pieces in our showroom. Hundreds of original art and framed reproductions are available, and all money raised is donated to local charities. Stay tuned for information on our 2019 event we will be hosting in December!

Wings Program

Art speaks. But it speaks most profoundly when put in the right context. The Wings Suite brings together health challenged artists from all walks of life, each with a compelling story to tell. The entire collection speaks to the power of positive distraction, empowerment, togetherness and shared experience in the healthcare environment. Tapping into a deep sense of shared experience and community, this artwork is intended for placement in healthcare facilities to uplift and inspire patients and staff.

Support for Creative Professionals

Artists and creative practitioners are the highly skilled professionals who work across the spectrum of art and design disciplines and industries. Through their partnership with Art Force, we provide recognition and visibility within the Twin Cities, a source of income as well as entrepreneurial education. As a result, artists are more able to make a living and contribute more meaningfully to their communities. Client companies benefit because their purchase of art through Art Force speaks volumes about their company culture – one that values art and ultimately the artists themselves.

Creative City Development

We wanted to better understand the creative economy and how art can have a real impact on business and commerce. In our Creative Economic Development Study we assess the impact of visual art in commercial environments. Through various studies and interviews The Creative Economic Development Study has shown that art can be a powerful asset for companies and driver of local commerce. Our offerings and capabilities create more opportunities for creative professionals, while delivering both creative and custom solutions to our clients. Through this study we hope to structure our support and patronage of the local arts community in the most impactful way possible. Click the link below to download our study.

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