Corporate Art Force

May Newsletter

Wings Cause Based Art: Celebration and Presentation from Devin Wildes

Last week Art Force hosted our celebration for the Wings Cause Based Art Program. The event included an installation of pieces by artists in our program, a live painting demo from Marrie Bottleson, and a presentation by Devin Wildes. Thank you to everyone that came to support these amazing artists!

The Wings Cause Based Art Program includes work by both professional and emerging artists with a range of health challenges. A portion of each Wings piece sold is contributed to the artist or the organizations that support them. By purchasing art through our program, you are providing purposeful patronage that truly makes a difference. In the past several years, the Wings program has contributed over $150,000 to Wings Artists and support organizations.


In the video below, Wings Artist Devin Wildes presents and discusses his artwork including a new series of drawings based on Burning Man!

Article: Can Artwork Increase Productivity

Artwork is an important part of a workplace environment that supports employee performance and encourages productivity. We’ve found that there is a wealth of information that shows that including artwork in corporate environments creates measurable improvements to employee performance.

Did you know that employees are 15% more productive in work environments that include artwork? Find out how your walls can drive measurable business improvements in our latest article.

Read the article.

Guest Blogger Owen Brown: On Receptiveness

Local artist Owen Brown returns to our blog with his article “On Receptiveness”. In this article, Brown analyzes how artists and viewers ascribe narratives to works of art. Stop by the Minneapolis Convention Center to see several of his pieces on display through our Smart Art Program!

“…the merest horizontal line is enough for us to ascribe “landscapeness” to an abstract, while modest diagonals connote depth. We search for figure, and pounce on it happily. We can then attach a meaning to an artifact that goes beyond it; the piece is representational, is analogue.”

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Installation Feature: Financial Advisory Office

This month we highlight our recent installation for the common areas and conference rooms of a financial advisory office. For this project we featured printed images of nature from their surrounding environment. In a blog post from last year, we outlined the benefits of nature based artwork including reduction of stress, and elevation of occupant’s moods. You can read the article here.

Check out our portfolio of corporate projects at the link below for inspiration on how your space could benefit from artwork!

June Art Events

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists
6/2-8/18 2019, Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Women have long been the creative force behind Native art. Presented in close cooperation with top Native women artists and scholars, this first major exhibition of artwork by Native women honors the achievements of over 115 artists from the United States and Canada spanning over 1,000 years.

3rd Bi-Annual Vision Awards
6/4, 6:00PM, Ritz Theatre.

Help us honor Frank Stone, Lynn Olson, Jennifer Young and John Kremer; with a special honor to Walt Dziedzic. These artist and community visionaries have made a huge impact on our arts community. The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District would not be what it is today without their leadership, ideas and persistence.
Rose and Melvin Smith: Remembering Rondo
6/7-9/8, Weisman Art Museum.

Currently living in Eagan, MN, Melvin R. and Rose J. Smith were residents of St. Paul’s Rondo neighborhood for many years—Rose for most of her life and Melvin from 1963 to 1968. The Smiths’ artwork consists of urban scenes and portraits that present realist, expressionist, and at times allegorical takes on Black life in America. The works in this exhibition are drawn from their Rondo series—a sprawling body of work that stands as an elegiac anthem for that lost neighborhood and the enduring community that lives on in its wake.

Continuum: McKnight Visual Artists Fellows 2014-2018
6/14, 6-9:00PM, Minneapolis College of Art and Design Main and Concourse Galleries.

Continuum features thirty-one of the forty artists who have been awarded these prestigious fellowships between 2014 and 2018. The show provides five years of fellows a platform to share their work with viewers and celebrates the ambition and diversity of their artistic practices.