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Keith Haring Tribute: Art Force Academy


The legacy of artist Keith Haring is alive and strong at Art Force. A graffiti artist and social activist, Haring is remembered for his depictions of New York City street culture.

With heavy political undertones, his work often focused on topics of war, birth, death, sexuality and other elements that typified American culture in the 1980s.

The Takeover “Take Over”

At Art Force Academy this week, Director of Healthcare and Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross, hosted a communal art activity geared around Haring’s piece, Takeover.

Keith Haring

We wanted the art to literally take over our showroom as we embarked on this post-it note work of tribute art! Given the bold colors, strong outlines and liveliness of the characters, it seemed like a perfect candidate for this activity.

The Process

Just like the painting, it took more than one person to boogie! Everyone from the company joined in by drawing numbers from a hat, which assigned teams to construct each character piece-by-piece.

Enjoy this brief slideshow of the process as it took place!

[slideshow_deploy id=’5964’]

Little guidance was given to Art Force staff intentionally. As each team worked their way through a variety of strategies to complete the entire piece in just under an hour, it was fun to witness it all unfold in the ordered-chaos common with this type of activity.

When it comes to team building — especially strategic activities like this one — we find less is often more. Watching unique strategies develop around small communities focused on a single cause almost lends itself willingly to the spirit of Haring’s work.

The Underlying Lesson

Team building has an intrinsic value that goes without saying. People were laughing, working together, and giving their brains a rest from the usual workday. But beyond that, the activity really drove at the core of Art Force Academy – Inspire. Learn. Create.

We value creating things just for the sake of creation! But deeper than that, we value stepping outside of the box to look at our underlying processes and mission.


The Final Product!

So much of our business is centered around aligning multiple departments to reach a single goal. From the art consultants who arrange a deal, to the production staff who engineer and construct visual artwork solutions and even the leaders and marketers who set out to spread the word, these kinds of activities serve as a metaphor for our overall business model.

It also gave people who don’t usually work together a chance to collaborate and get to know each other on a more personal level. We like to stop and pause; to appreciate the artwork that brings us all together! All of that said, we’re proud of what we created.

Brace for Liftoff!

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Art Force Academy will soon be making its grand debut to people outside of Art Force.

Big Logo

The programs we’re offering will be centered around art consultant certification, business planning resources for artist entrepreneurs and regular updates from the world of art for art enthusiasts. We are so excited to grow our creative community and share the lessons we’ve learned about commercial artwork services and hope each of you will join in.

No matter your level of expertise, we hope you will stay tuned in the coming week as official announcements roll out about how to enroll.

Check back for more details and thank you for taking some time to appreciate a great artist with us. Cheers to our new community as it takes shape!

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