Corporate Art Force

June Newsletter

Article: How a Standardized Art Program Saves You Time and Money

Over the past decade, Art Force has worked with over 100 Enterprise Level organizations, and has created national art programs for many Fortune 500 companies with facilities across the country. By creating LEAN processes that match the scale of these organizations’ needs, we are able to provide more quantity, and higher quality of pieces for their projects.

We’ve found that clients who utilize a standardized process for incorporating artwork into their projects are able to make significant savings in their budget and employee’s time. Find out how we can help you create an efficient art program in our latest article!

MSP Community: Metro Transit Buses Get an Artistic Upgrade

Large, colorful monarch butterflies may give you a ride to a regional park this summer! MSP Metro Transit has wrapped two buses, dubbed Nature Connectors, with a beautiful painting designed by Minneapolis muralist Greta McLain and created in her studio, Good Space Murals. The painting prominently features monarch butterflies.

The buses are now traveling on routes that lead to some of the region’s most popular regional parks – Minnehaha and Theodore Wirth in Minneapolis and Como and Lake Phalen in Saint Paul – as part of an effort to highlight the connection between transit and parks. Use the link below to read the full article!

Article: The Value of Expressing Your Brand with Artwork

Expressing your organization’s values in your space’s design is a key part of building a high performing culture. We’ve found that artwork can be a uniquely valuable asset for companies to visually express their brand and to create an environment of creativity and collaboration.

According to Kate Davis, Associate Principal and Workplace Strategies Design Director at HKS:

“The trend for branding office space is about taking it beyond the basics. Many consider branding to just be slapping a vinyl company logo on the wall. In reality, branding is about creating authentic places that embody the culture and spirit of a company and its people.”

Using artwork in lieu of traditional branding can help you:

  • Connect your employees and clients to their surrounding community
  • Boost creativity by avoiding stale, commercial environments
  • Retain the value of your investment in your office’s furnishings
  • Increase employee morale and boost productivity

Read the article here.

Creative Business Suites: One Space Remaining

Art Force is offering Creative Business Suites/Studios in the NE Minneapolis Arts District. We currently have one space remaining ready for immediate occupancy. We have one suite at our location with space of up to 1,450 square feet that can be subdivided. More details and contact information for scheduling a tour of the space is available here.

Installation Feature: Music Themed Multi-Family

When properly selected, artwork can be a powerful tool to create the brand of your development. The artwork you include will create the atmosphere – the essence of the brand image of the property. For this music themed installation we included a mix of framed music posters, artwork prints, original local artwork, and even a wall of records from artists in the building’s surrounding community.

Upcoming MSP Art Events

Opening for Work from the 2019 Women’s Art Institute
7/13, 5-7:00PM, St. Kate’s University, Catherine G. Murphy Gallery

This exhibition showcases the work recent participants have made at the 2019 Women’s Art Institute – a summer art course at St. Catherine University for contemporary women artists of all ages and disciplines. As a community that shares, reflects and creates, this culmination of four weeks of intensive studio work and study reveals the concerns of women artists today.
McKnight Resident Artist Lecture: Leandra Urrutia
7/16, 6:00PM, Northern Clay Center.

Join us for a presentation by our 2019 Summer McKnight Resident Artist in the NCC Library. This event is free and open to the public but pre-registration is appreciated as seating is limited.
Hot Off the Press: Members of the Highpoint Center for Printmaking Artist’s Studio Cooperative
7/19-8/31 2019, Highpoint Center for Printmaking.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking is pleased to present Hot Off the Press, an exhibition of prints by members of its artists’ studio cooperative. Printmaking methods represented include lithography, relief, intaglio, screenprinting, monotype, and polymergravure. The prints will be on view and available for purchase.
2019 Monster Drawing Rally
7/27, 3-7:00PM, Midway Contemporary Art

The Monster Drawing Rally is an exciting, family friendly event that involves Twin Cities’ artists and the community with the goal of raising funds for Midway Contemporary Art (501c3). Artists generously donate their time and talent by drawing live at the event during three one-hour rounds.