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Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock


“Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?” A question which headlined an article on Jackson Pollock in Life magazine’s August 8th 1949 edition.

Born in 1912 in Cody, Wyoming, Pollock moved all over the West throughout his childhood. His love of nature, animals, and the stretch of land is said to have influenced him as an artist. Pollock was a major player, if not the major player, for the abstract expressionist movement that occurred in the 1940’s in New York. He was a well know American painter heralded for his drip painting technique, a style that was one of the most original during his career as an artist. Finding new ways to describe pictorial space, Pollock redefined the categories of drawing and painting.

Here at Art Force we have some fans of Pollock on our team:

The story goes that Jackson Pollock went looking for help for his alcoholism in the late thirties. Since Pollock had an interest in Surrealism, he sought out a Jungian therapist for the job. There are clear overlaps between Surrealism, with its focus on tapping into dreams for inspiration and spontaneous art making with games, and Jung who seriously interpreted dreams. Pollock had been painting more traditional representational painting, so he was encouraged to experiment with doodling. From there he moved on to develop his famous “dripping” style, or so the story goes. Now when I was learning about Pollock and Abstract Expressionism, I was always told that the art came from the wild passion of the genius. The untamed emotions of a real man created great art. This is great for self-promotion purposes, but the doodle story rings more true to me. Also, it’s encouraging to hear that one of America’s so called greatest artists moved forward with his work with the help of Art Therapy instead of just ego. Joe Sullivan, Production Generalist

He and I share a birthday. I strive to contribute something as original as he did to the world of art! – Leslie Palmer-Ross, Director of Healthcare and Art Services and birthday twin with Pollock (Happy birthday Leslie!)

As a marketer, I wouldn’t attempt to say anything about Pollock’s form as it relates to the wider world of art. What I can say as a student of the world is that Pollock represented a collision of raw emotion and something very human. Human being imperfect. Reclusive and raw, stories of pacing around his studio, working out his thoughts, dealing with his alcoholism… that appealed to me as one who feels emotion intensely and wishes share it. When I saw “Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?” it resonated with me as both ridiculous and beautiful. The idea of bartering priceless works of art reminded me of the art shows I grew up at as a kid; my parents being independent glassblowers who often bartered at art shows. – Marlon Heimerl, Director of Marketing

Art has the power to change the world. Every few generations or so, a Pollock emerges from the pack to change the way we think about artwork and if we’re lucky, society as a whole. From everyone at Art Force, Happy Birthday Jackson Pollock! We certainly know who the #$&% he is and appreciate the contributions he made to art as a whole.