Inventory Management

We incorporate a detailed RFID Tracking System (Radio-Frequency Identification tracking) into our artworks to create detailed reports of the information and location regarding your art collection. The system allows for online image archiving and file storage that is easily accessible to our clients.

We offer a complete inventory management system through RFID. The goal of RFID is to remain knowledgeable of the location and details of your artwork at any given time. This tool allows you to lookup specific details of a work, proving useful not only for security purposes, but also in the situation of a remodel or relocation.

We establish and update a database that helps you to simply locate your art. If you already own a sizable art collection, we can record its placement and analyze its design power, potentially offering a solution for redesign to maximize its visual impact.

Particularly for large-scale organizations, managing an inventory of artwork can be quite difficult without a proper system in place. As an art collection grows to include hundreds, or even thousands, of works, it can be almost impossible to track and keep all the information straight. If you ever took an art history class, you will remember the difficulty of memorizing the artists, titles, dates, and mediums – all which are details important to know in the long-term! Since art is an investment and a prized component of your professional space, it is beneficial to retain this information. Additionally, since the value of art can drastically change over time, it is useful to know its original investment costs.

How RFID Tracking Works

The first step involves tagging each piece of artwork that the client would like to track, which is usually placed on the back of the artwork or someplace where it will not damage the piece (more specifically, it is an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) EPC Gen 2 passive RFID tag is added to the artwork). Each tag includes an Avert Dennison AD-223 RFID inlay.

Art Force is then able to catalog details about the artwork by utilizing SimplyRFID’s NoxVault software and NoxVault handheld reader. The specific details cataloged include the name of the artist, the title of the artwork, the size and medium of the piece, the approximate value of the artwork, as well as any other important information.

The artwork is then ascribed to a specific location. This is useful for security purposes or in the event of theft, and also in the general management of your organization’s facilities. It also ensures on our end that the correct artwork has arrived and been installed at the correct location. An RFID reader can detect a piece of artwork within a range of about 20 feet, which works very well for large collections. For example, if an organization has 1,000 works of art within a 20-foot radius, each of those 1,000 works could be accurately tracked and located.

To receive an RFID quote on your existing art collection or for any other questions on this service, please contact us.