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Including Artwork in Your Return to Work Plan

The Changing Nature of the Office

As offices look to open their doors to employees again, it will take major changes to the work spaces we have become used to. Reinventing how we collaborate will require creativity and ingenuity.

We believe that in these changes to the workplace, there is an opportunity for improvement. Employers that will lead the workplace of the future will understand that their employees want to feel comfortable, safe, productive, and inspired by their environment.

“A transformational approach to reinventing offices will be necessary. Instead of adjusting the existing footprint incrementally, companies should take a fresh look at how much and where space is required and how it fosters desired outcomes for collaboration, productivity, culture, and the work experience.”


Artwork can be a key part of an office wellness plan and has been shown to boost productivity and reduce stress. As companies begin creating their strategies for a post-COVID office environment, it’s now more important than ever to consider all of the tools at their disposal.

Art Force’s Products Creatively Reinvent Your Space

Rearranging and revising your space to provide more social distance and additional safety measures can be done in a way that builds your brand and culture. New areas that allow for collaboration, and previously less used spaces such as stairwells and alternate traffic patterns present new areas of focus for your staff. We have several methods to help you include creativity in your safety measures, including:

  • Artistic vinyl graphics for plexiglass paneling
  • Creative prints for way finding and social distancing guidelines
  • Traditional artwork for new walls or collaborative spaces and alternate foot traffic routes

The Time to Prepare is Now

A well-planned return to offices presents an opportunity for organizations to rethink many of their previous practices. It’s important to begin planning design changes for your environment now in order to make your employees feel comfortable returning to work. Leading companies can use creative and artistic installations to improve on the office experience for their employees in ways that will boost their productivity, and reduce their stress. As we ease back into our normal routines, focusing on the design of our workspaces allows our offices to continue to be safe places of collaboration, achievement, and enjoyment.

How can we help you with your reopening plan?

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