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How a Standardized Art Program Saves You Time and Money

Saving Money with Art Services at Scale

Over the past decade, Art Force has worked with over 100 Enterprise Level organizations, and has created national art programs for many Fortune 500 companies with facilities across the country. By creating LEAN processes that match the scale of these organization’s needs, we are able to provide more quantity, and higher quality of pieces for their projects.

While working with these clients, Art Force has developed the processes and systems necessary for these organizations to maximize their artwork investments. We’ve found that clients who utilize a standardized process for incorporating artwork into their projects are able to make significant savings in their budget and employee’s time. Below we’ve outlined some of the key methods we use to help our clients create an efficient artwork program.

Artwork Product Standardization

Our goal is to work with you to create a standard product that will allow us to efficiently roll out your art program within your existing systems. When we work with you to develop an art program, our team collaborates with stakeholders from your marketing staff to facility management. We strive to understand your organization’s brand image and facility requirements. Once we’ve determined the needs of your organization, our consultants will use our value engineering process to create your unique program with standard materials, pricing, image selections, and nationwide installation services.

Project Management Tailored to Your Processes

Art Force has completed installations in all fifty states and can work within your team’s existing processes to seamlessly deliver artwork for your projects. Maintaining a consistent brand image across multiple facilities requires collaboration. Our team has experience working with project managers, developers, marketing, interior designers and real estate teams across the country, and we take serving our clients seriously.

Our art consultants and project managers are LEAN trained to efficiently provide creative solutions for any environment, at any scale. Our clients receive the highest level of support to help guide them from floor plans and art selection through installation by our nation-wide network of installers.

LEAN Production for Scale

Our production team is LEAN – Six Sigma trained for maximum efficiency at our centralized production facility. Our production capabilities are extensive, and range from framed reproductions to branding elements. Our projects often include a mix of original fine art and three-dimensional sculptures, custom printed graphics, as well as framed reproductions and posters. Through a process we call Creative Standardization, we’ve made it easy and cost effective to combine various materials into our projects. Our centralized LEAN production facility can efficiently print, frame, and install your project.

Budget Planning and Maximization with the Smart Art Proposal

We developed our SmartArt Proposal to make investing in artwork for your space to be simple, fast and easy. Our proposals provides you with three options for your space which includes our recommendations in “good, better, and best” categories. An example is pictured above. This process allows us to work with you to determine a standardized budget, product, and quantity of art for your locations. Use the form below to connect with one of our Art Consultants to receive a free proposal – find out how easy it is to incorporate artwork in your locations!

Think your organization can benefit from a standardized artwork solution? We’d love to connect.