Hospitality Art

When it comes to hospitality, environment is everything. Guests want to be wowed and inspired! The artwork you select will create the atmosphere - the essence of your brand. Your aesthetic choices should tell a unique and compelling story. What's your story and how can we help you tell it? From inspiration to installation, we can help you make a lasting impression.

Make a Statement

You want your artwork to look authentic, one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Giant murals and other statement pieces can give highly trafficked areas that extra push into excellence.

Every piece of art helps write a chapter in your story. The idea is to ultimately create brand lift. We can help you inspire and reach your visitors in new and compelling ways. For more information, see our Creative Projects Guide.

SmartArt Program

A finance-to-own program with the option to rotate art after six months of service, SmartArt is particularly useful in both the hospitality and public venues industries.

With the ability to rotate art and pay in installments to own, flexibility meets convenience with SmartArt. For more information, visit our SmartArt page or click the button below to visit


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Research & Evidence: Art & Environment

Return on Environment

For your hospitality venue to really stand out, consider what assets will align best with your overall brand message. Don't worry, we know it's a tough decision. That is what our expert art consultants are here for! They can help you pinpoint your unique aesthetic that will help you stand out from the competition.

Creative Standardization

Hospitality venues can benefit from almost any art form or substrate - graphic images, photography, vinyl, canvas, paper, glass, wallpaper, sculptures, and the list goes on. Over our many years in this business, the above image outlines the most common artwork services we use.

Global Tourism

The industry is growing. Are you growing with it? Artwork is one of many things that can help grow your market share.

  • Int. Tourism Receipts - Billions U.S. Dollars

Considering data and evidence from both the Healthcare and Corporate market supporting the value of art for driving intrinsic ROI, could art be the missing piece to your strategy?


Occupancy By Numbers

As the economy improves, occupancy is on the rise! Here is a breakdown of occupancy rate changes in the U.S. Does your occupancy follow the curve?

  • Occupancy Rate (%)

Since hospitality is a well-established industry, capturing market share often determines who wins and loses. How can art help you create a better experience?



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