History Walls

History Walls

History Walls share the unique story behind an organization. Through photographs, historical documents, maps, charts, posters, and other visual elements, we can create an illustrated timeline for your organization. History walls tell the background of an individual organization or even an industry as a whole. Our art consultants will represent the story that makes your organization special.

Tell Your Story

We tell compelling brand narratives through history walls. We will work closely with your staff to pinpoint the milestones in your company’s history to tell your story accurately. Our team can research additional historical information and imagery to create an accurate, well-rounded, and rich history wall.

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Create Collective History

We create a sense of belonging for your patrons. By utilizing the background of your company, history walls create a shared identity for your clients and employees. Whether you decide to outline the history of your organization, your industry, or your company values, a history wall communicates a common culture.


Build A Legacy

Although history walls look back, they inspire others to push forward. Outlining the growth and progress of an organization highlights its built legacy, reminding current employees that they are a part of its continued legacy. With a history wall, your organization can bring together the past and the present while looking to the future.

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