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Is there hidden money in your company’s art inventory?

The Challenge:

A local law firm was moving locations and needed a way to both manage and downsize their art collection. The client knew there was value in their art, but didn’t know how much or what to do with their collection moving forward.

The Solution:

Art Force worked with the firm to catalog their collection using our Comprehensive Art Management System (CAM)Our CAM system helps organizations of any size locate, manage, and optimize their art collections. We begin this process by first walking our clients’ facilities and getting to know their collection and needs. We then photographing & RFID tag their collections. This information is uploaded into a custom artwork database to move forward with the optimization process. When optimizing a client’s collection, we work to align the pieces they keep with their brand image. This can involve redistributing art to new locations or facilities, integrating new art, or deaccessioning and removal of pieces from inventory.

In the case of our most recent client, their new office had less wall space to display their art and they needed to downsize their collection. We worked with them to select which pieces to keep for their new location and hosted an employee auction for the remaining art. Art Force organized an online auction where employees could login and bit on their favorite pieces from their old office.


The results? The client sold a total of 170 pieces for over $24,000. Request a proposal to learn how your organization can benefit from our Comprehensive Art Management system!



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