Healthcare Project Spotlight: Hazelden

Our team recently worked on a project at Hazelden in St. Paul, installing a series of artworks to create a soothing, restorative, and homey environment. With an emphasis on representing the neighborhood, we incorporated the work of many local artists, including Beth Stoneberg, Richard Bonk, and Bonnie Hinz.

Bonk, Richard_Mandala 20_GC018_lg-300x300Richard Bonk, Mandala

beth stonebergBeth Stoneberg, Ha Te Tudnad

By showcasing Twin Cities artists who depict the local community, we aimed to create a collection of images familiar to the clients of Hazelden – artwork to which they could easily relate. In the form of photography, we installed many calming scenes of nature throughout much of the facility, primarily in offices and meetings rooms. Also, the installation included a variety of original artworks, which were incorporated into the public spaces, such as the entrance, hallways, and waiting rooms.

bonnieBonnie Hinz, installation at Hazelden

Commissioned specifically for the space, Bonnie Hinz created the three-dimensional glass piece to represent the nearby Mississippi River.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation was created in 2014, when the Minnesota-based Hazelden Foundation merged with the California-based Betty Ford Center in order to create an addiction treatment and advocacy organization. The Foundation also houses the largest addiction and recovery publishing house in the country, a fully-accredited graduate school of addiction studies, an addiction research center, and prevention training.