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Art Force’s Guide to Art for Senior Living

How Design Can Enhance Your Residents’ Experience

Creating an inviting and well-designed environment can help make your residents feel more at home and can play an integral role in easing the process of aging. Seniors and their families want to know that their housing and care providers designed their space with a focus on residential experience. Your residents want their housing to feel and look more like traditional, familiar spaces and less like a hospital. By designing your environment with a focus on residential experience, you can help to ease the transition for new tenants and improve the quality of life for your existing clients.


Selecting Art for Your Facility

When considering the design of your space, art can be a terrific asset for creating an environment of comfort and healing. We have extensive experience working with interior design teams, property managers and developers to help them to select an art package tailored to the needs of senior living facilities. For the project below, we used a thematic mix of abstract and colorful nature images to help their space avoid the stereotypical, “sterile” look common in many senior living facilities. When deciding where to put art in your facility, it’s important to remember to carry your placement throughout the design. Spaces such as medical care areas are often overlooked, yet many of your tenants will spend a significant amount of time there. Your exterior can also host sculptures and art that can create a pleasant place for residents and the community to enjoy. Many facilities find that mixing mediums throughout their space can make their environment less monotonous. Incorporating unique pieces or specific themes for room or areas can help residents better identify their location within the facility.

“Artwork which is well selected is a great benefit in senior projects to provide a sense of community, enhance a theme, create natural wayfinding and positive distractions. We use a variety of artwork styles and presentation methods such as framed prints, wrapped canvas’s and sculptural pieces to appeal to the multitude of personalities who will live in the space.”

– Jennifer Lindgren, Senior Art Consultant and Business Development Executive with Art Force

When selecting the imagery you’d like to include, it’s important to understand the effect both the color and the subject matter can have on the overall environment. For example, splashes of color can enliven a space, nature images can have calming effects, while images of your community can help center residents. Some of your residents may not be able to venture out into their communities as much as they would like. Art featuring images from your local area can be a grounding force for residents, especially those with memory and dementia challenges. Artwork created by local artists can also help tie your facility to your surrounding community. Incorporating art created by your residents can be great way create a sense of ownership and belonging with your tenants. Recently, Art Force expanded our Wings art offerings to include artists involved with Lifelong Learning Programs at Ebenezer’s senior facilities. We printed and framed images of work created by these artists and resident to be displayed in some of their various campuses.

How Art Force Can Help You Place More Art for Your Budget

Often times senior living developments are forced to choose between unaffordable fine art and inexpensive, but low quality art for their spaces. Art Force provides a range of value engineered framed and printed reproductions along with locally sourced fine art to help cover your walls with quality pieces, all within your budget. As your project progresses, we will help you determine what kind of art best suits your facility and budget. When our Art Consultants look at your facility’s floor plan, they can help you select the best location to maximize the value of your artwork investment.

Our LEAN production process allows us to produce a high volume of art at top quality. We print and frame the pieces in our own manufacturing facility to engineer the lowest price and ensure the quality of everything we install. Everything shown above is printed, matted, and put in a high quality frame with glass by our production team. We used the same material and style of framing throughout their space, which not only looks great, but also helps us provide the most art for their budget. These value-engineering techniques help us to fill your space with both higher quality and a higher quantity of art for your residents to enjoy. We have worked with many senior living projects to create environments that ease the aging process, and can help you select the best art package for your space.

Let's Create a Better Residential Experience Together

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