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How Fortune 500 Organizations Manage their Artwork

The Smartest Way to Manage Your Art Assets

The SmartArt Program combines art program standardization and art asset management to provide multi-facility organizations with efficient and budget conscious artwork solutions. We have worked with over 100 Enterprise Level organizations, and manage national art programs for many Fortune 500 companies with facilities across the country. Over the past decade we’ve developed the processes and systems necessary for these organizations to maximize their artwork investments.

Existing Art Evaluation & Optimization through our Comprehensive Art Management System

In large organizations, assets like art can often become under-utilized because their importance isn’t recognized, or no effective process to manage them exists. We believe that when properly managed, artwork provides intrinsic returns for our clients including employee attraction, retention, and motivation. Our industry leading Comprehensive Art Management system allows you to manage your artwork across multiple facilities. Our system utilizes RFID tags and our online database to build a log of your art assets. Once we’ve created your inventory we will work with your team to optimize your art assets including decommissioning, relocation and new art integration.

“Art Force is really ahead of the curve, since few other art providers offer clients an RFID-based solution.”

-RFID Journal

Creating a Consistent Brand Image and Budget Across Facilities

When we work with enterprise level organizations on new art integration, standardization is key. We embrace a philosophy of “creative standardization” that focuses on efficiently providing our clients with creative solutions.  This philosophy is how we align all of our various services, products and offerings to be client-centric and efficient, while retaining the high levels of creativity necessary for stunning installations.

This philosophy allows us to deliver high level, creative projects at scale and on budget. When adding art to new developments or renovations, our team can help you develop an art program for your organization with consistent materials, pricing, and brand imagery. Our art consultants and project managers are LEAN trained to efficiently provide creative solutions for any environment, at any scale.

Art Force has completed installations in all fifty states and can work within your team’s existing processes to seamlessly deliver artwork for your projects. Maintaining a consistent brand image across multiple facilities requires collaboration! Our team has experience working with project managers, developers, interior designers and real estate teams across the country, and we take serving our clients seriously. It’s no wonder our team is consistently rated 100/100 while managing projects across the country for some of the largest organizations in the nation.

How our Comprehensive Art Management System Has Benefited our Clients

Case Study 1 – Comprehensive Art Management for Legal Office

The Challenge:

A local law firm was moving locations and needed a way to both manage and downsize their art collection. The client knew there was value in their art, but didn’t know how much or what to do with their collection moving forward.

The Solution:

Art Force worked with the firm to catalog their collection using our Comprehensive Art Management System (CAM).  We worked with them to select which pieces to keep for their new location and hosted an employee auction for the remaining art. Art Force organized an online auction where employees could login and bid on their favorite pieces from their old office. The results? The auction generated 24,000 in proceeds that were then utilized for their new art program.

Case Study 2 – Asset Location and New Art Integration for Fortune 100 Financial Institution

The Challenge:

A Fortune 100 financial institution moved their headquarters to a new facility and needed assistance locating and managing their existing collection of pieces. Their team needed to know what art to dispose of, which assets they had available for their new space, and how to select new art for their location.

The Solution:

Art Force utilized our Comprehensive Art Management System to inventory their existing assets across several facilities. After the client’s initial estimate of 500 pieces, CAMS helped them locate and catalogue over 1,300 pieces with an estimated added value of $240,000. Our Art Consultants then worked with the client to determine which of the pieces they’d like to keep moving forward, and helped them select new pieces to integrate into their new space.

From the Client: “Thanks… the art is just awesome. So grateful to you and your team for working quickly and efficiently to get it done before the open house… Hats off to your installers for being so flexible and professional with last minute changes.”

Enterprise level clients require an experienced artwork provider that can match their scale while provide high level consultation and program development. Use the form below to connect with us to find out how The SmartArt Program can help your organization develop an art program to match your needs.


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