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Fine Art for $1.00 Per Day

“Fine Art for $1.00 per day” – The New SmartArt Subscription Program to be Launched by Art Force


“Fine art for $1 dollar per day” is the new tagline for Art Force’s SmartArt Subscription Program. The program originally came about several years ago after realizing that many of the organizations we at Art Force wanted to work with felt that fine art was a bit steep for their budget, and we wanted to find a way to make it affordable.

We also noticed that there was so much emerging talent in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and we wanted to find a way to help these artists get their work out to the rest of the world. In order to help our clients with these two problems, we created the SmartArt Subscription Program.

We developed a plan which would allow customers to pay a small monthly fee in order to lead up to them actually owning the pieces selected from the program. We decided to give subscribers some options for how much they would pay each month depending on the artwork selected. Starting at $33 per month, or a dollar a day, we found a way to make local artwork as affordable as possible and flexible for any budget.

We implemented something unique for the subscription program by providing organizations the option to refresh their space every year with different artwork from the program. This allows our clients to have new “gallery” in their space for their employees and clients to enjoy with each exchange. 

In addition, we decided to provide an “online showcase” combined with guidance from a SmartArt Team Member to facilitate the process of selecting and exchanging art.

At Art Force, we worked hard to contact local emerging artists in hopes of building a portfolio of artwork that potential clients could choose from. We wanted to have a selection of artwork that would have something for every organization and that included as many local emerging artists as we could get.

“Dreams Across the Bridge” by Bill Svoboda

Once our portfolio was completed, we began contacting local organizations that we felt would be interested in participating in this program.

The Minneapolis Convention Center is one of our first clients for this program. Since the convention center is spacious and has much traffic, they chose 40+ pieces from the program to hang on their walls. The convention center also exchanges their art out after 6 months instead of a year so that they can showcase many local artists.

“The Minneapolis Convention Center is a gateway to Minneapolis for our many visitors each year. By showcasing local artists, we can pique visitor interest in the vibrant arts and creative culture in our community and encourage them to experience the city beyond our walls. Doing so fuels the economic engine of the meetings industry – visitors exploring the city leads to spending and ultimately impacts the economy of the entire Minneapolis area.”

-Jeff Johnson, Executive Director; Minneapolis Convention Center

Another one of our subscribers, Blakestad Insurance, went through a rebranding and a move from the north metro suburbs to the North Loop area in downtown Minneapolis. As a client of the SmartArt Subscription Program in their former location, they wanted to use this affordable option to enhance the image of their new office. Art Force worked with Blakestad to select and showcase artwork that brought in a burst of color to their new location in a 1917 industrial facility. Today, the completed office hosts large original art-work and framed photography that conveys their new image and brand. Jerod Blakestad, President of Blakestad, had this to say about the artwork in their new space:

“Your installers were by the office today. Wow do they do good work…the art looks great and my staff is buzzing about how much it brightens up the space. Cannot thank you enough, you guys rock!”

Jerod Blakestad – President of Blakestad

Start your project, speak to an advisor and browse our gallery at the Subscription Program home page.

To learn more about the SmartArt Subscription Program, please contact Adele Kieger at [email protected] or by phone at (763) 567-2222.