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Featured Projects - Art Force

Featured Projects

Between our more than 500 projects, 30,000 art pieces and 150 clients served, several projects rose to the top of our portfolio for different reasons. Whether for aesthetic reasons or human elements, Latitude 45, Radisson Blu, Natalis and Prairie Care showcase our passion for bringing rooms to life.

As you flip through the images, consider what unique character you are looking to capture through the power of art. Do you wish to promote hospitality, healing or a unique brand platform? What tells your story?

Hospitality Venues:

Latitude 45 – Minneapolis

Latitude 45, luxury high-rise apartments, opened up in downtown Minneapolis with a splash. Art Force selected edgy and urban artwork for the space. For the lobby, “wow” pieces greeted people at the public entry off the busy Washington Street entrance.  Each piece of artwork represented original works by local artists in a variety of mediums. The imagery was eclectic, edgy, new and approachable.

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Radisson Blu – Mall of America & Plaza 7

As a world leader in the hotel industry, Radisson Blu strives to be iconic, stylish and sophisticated. With strong contemporary leanings, Radisson Blu creates a “unique upper-upscale guest experience” focused on minute detail. Utilizing high-end graffiti and mural art built around strong, vivid contemporary energy, Art Force matched the brand of Radisson Blue with carefully selected artwork to create a unique environment.

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Hospital & Healthcare Venues:

Natalis & Wings

As a behavioral health clinic, the staff of Natalis were interested in supporting artists with health challenges by featuring work from the Wings program. By selecting the SmartArt Subscription Program, they were also able to display art with minimal investment, a flexible payment program, and the option to rotate pieces for new images if they so choose.

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Prairie Care

Aside from using Evidence Based Design to create an atmosphere conducive to healing and wellness at Prairie Care, the Art Force team needed to find art that appealed to all ages, enhanced the building’s design, and referenced nature. To build a connection to the community, local artists were selected. Stephen R. Setterberg M.D., the president and founder, was directly involved in the project, demonstrating his belief in the power of artwork for guiding the directive of this project.

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