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Featured Project: JAMF Software

JAMF Software


We are always thrilled when an innovative company crosses our paths. With any luck, their artwork needs will challenge Art Force to experiment with new products. Score one for innovation!

Happy news. We just had one such experience! When our Director of National Art Consultant Services, Shelly Rosett, made a connection with Minneapolis based JAMF Software in early 2016, an innovative mindset was precisely the opportunity and challenge we faced with this new and exciting client. We’re talking about bringing out the big guns with research and development (R&D)  – a favorite pastime for the Art Force production staff who are always looking for new ways to enhance your physical spaces.

As you will see below, R&D led us down some pretty interesting roads. See if you can’t catch a glimpse of the newest product innovation from Art Force! (Hint: It is front and center in most of the pics and the header of this post.)

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Not only did JAMF demonstrate a lot of consideration for the artwork they selected for their new Minneapolis HQ, but they tied their design choices to an overall brand experience that represented their unique character and values. In other words, JAMF put their branding ahead of decoration, creating an HQ that leaves a lasting impression.

This is branding at its best if you ask Art Force – the kind of branding that uplifts an entire organization. Not only does everyone get to enjoy this new office together, but considering the brand lift from articles like this Tech.MN piece, you begin to see the intrinsic value of investing in artwork and more broadly, your environment. Intrinsic value in this context means employee satisfaction and positive attention from outsiders that ultimately improves productivity and results.




In a sense, the new JAMF HQ led with the right foot. They didn’t just throw some art on the walls because it was “something that needed to be done.” Instead, they seized the opportunity to make a splash and improve the daily lives of their employees!

So who is JAMF and what do they do, you ask?

If you are unfamiliar with JAMF, you shouldn’t be. They make managing your technology easier and more versatile, something that most of us could use a lot more of these days!

In their words, “Whether you have 10 or 10,000 devices, JAMF helps you empower your end users to be more creative, productive, and happier—all while making your life easier.”

Offering the Casper Suite, JAMF helps its customers manage Apple products in any environment. That means Apple management for businesses, educational institutions and organizations with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Casper also helps JAMF customers protect and secure their data. Unlocking the power of Apple, they help organizations do what they do best… only better.

Art Consultant Greta Tacke had a lot of glowing things to say about this project and the new opportunities it brought to the table. Not only is JAMF innovative and focused on creating a comfortable yet “cool” environment for its staff, but they are also willing to pull out all of the stops and experiment to reach new heights.

Artistic Sound Panels

By now you must just be dying to find out what this particular new product is and why it’s so special. Well, we’re very glad you asked!


Ta-da! You might have guess it from the slider, but our new product is artistic sound panels.

What separates these sound panels from other soundproof solutions? Their beauty. As you already saw in the slideshow above, these sound panels serve dual purposes of beautifying a space while at once, dampening noise in a busy conference room where volume is always a question.

Tomorrow we will be releasing more information on this exciting new product and how you can get in on the action. If you or someone you know might be interested in hearing more, please feel free to contact Art Force or request a Free Art Consultation (operative word “free”).

Thanks to JAMF!

From everyone at Art Force, we would like to thank JAMF for the opportunity to be part of their big move. It was a very enjoyable project for everyone involved!



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