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Developing Art Programs for Enterprise Healthcare Providers

The Challenge:

When polled, 79% of healthcare facilities cited that the benefit to patient experience was their top reason for investing in art. Major providers utilize evidence based design practices to enhance patient experience, and art has become a proven asset for healthcare facilities. Our philosophy is that when strategically managed, investments in art programs can create significant returns for healthcare providers. Enterprise level providers will often have multiple developments in various stages across many locations. In order to implement an art program that follows brand guidelines, budget constraints, and health standards, organizations require an artwork service provider that will help them standardize an art program across all of their facilities.

Our Solution:

Enterprise Expertise

Over the past decade, Art Force has perfected managing art programs for some of the largest healthcare providers in the nation. By efficiently providing art services at scale, Art Force is capable of maximizing multi-facility organizations’ art investments to provide more quantity, and higher quality of pieces for their projects. We work with over 100 Enterprise Level organizations and manage national art programs for many Fortune 500 companies with facilities across the country. Our production team is LEAN – Six Sigma trained for maximum efficiency at our centralized production facility. Our production capabilities are extensive, and range from framed reproductions to branding elements. With deep connections to artists around the country, we can also provide clients with original art local to their facilities. Our clients receive support from our Project Managers and Art Consultants that will help guide them from floor plans and art selection through installation by our nation-wide network of installers.

standard art program

Program Development

Our goal is to work with our clients to create a standard product that will allow us to efficiently roll out your program within your existing systems. When we work with an organization to develop an art program, our team collaborates with stakeholders from marketing staff to facility management and interior designers. We strive to understand your organization’s brand image and facility requirements, and through our Creative Standardization Process we develop a solution that fits your needs. Once we’ve determined the needs of your organization, our consultants will use our value engineering process to create your unique program with standard materials and pricing for your projects.

enterprise art solutions

A standardized art program doesn’t have to lead to standard projects! While working within your established budget and guidelines, our team will continue to deliver new trends and work from emerging artists. Your projects can include a mix of custom elements and commissioned work along with framed reproductions to create a unique environment for each project. We make new art integration as seamless and budget conscious as possible as your team develops new facilities, creates new expansions and even remodels existing spaces. Our consultants and project managers have worked on hundreds of facilities across the country, and can develop a program for your team that will make the most of your art investment.

Ongoing Art Management

Once an art program is implemented, our clients have dedicated Project Managers to help with ongoing management of their organization’s art assets. As need arises, our team can provide reframing and reprinting services as well as relocation assistance and backfill areas as your projects evolve. We understand that your organization’s goals, values, and look can change and our art consultants will continue to help you define an art program for your vision. Use the form below to get in touch with an art consultant and learn how our Enterprise Art Management system can work with your team to deliver better healing environments across all of your projects!


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