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Doodle Art: Doodles for Your Noodles

Doodles for Your Noodles

Doodles For Your Noodles

Doodlers everywhere, rejoice! It turns out all of those mini-masterpieces you’ve been doodling over the years serve a greater purpose than annoying your boss. So doodle yourself a little high five and “Get Out of Jail Free” card the next time your pen gets to squiggling because what follows might make your day.

It turns out that doodling not only helps you be more productive and creative, but it actually helps you concentrate. According to Anna Almendrala at the Huffington Post, “Doodling engages the brain’s “executive resources” — processes that help us plan, multi-task and concentrate.”

Those lovely ‘executive resources’ make sure the less responsible members of your brain don’t leave you looking glassy-eyed and day dreaming. In short, doodling actually helps you focus.

Mile High

Doodle Art (Force)

At Art Force, artwork is our life. That also includes our own doodle masterpieces which were born right on the table pictured above. “Doodles for your Noodles” is our new series chronicling these fleeting gems every quarter. Our hope is to get the gears in your noodle churning at full creative capacity, and to maybe inspire more doodle art out there in the world.

The doodles contained within this post happened spontaneously in our Northeast Conference room. Interestingly, three trends came to the surface this quarter: Silly Characters, Strange Symmetry and what we’re calling Swirly, Twirly, Stormy.

Silly Characters: Doodle Art

Silly Characters Doodle Art

Creating silly characters with doodle art is par for the course. Throughout history, countless forms of art employed silly creatures, perhaps drawing from the trickster motif or just good old fashioned humor. Our abstract ability to create and conceptualize new universes and creatures is all part of the fun of being human, so why not imagine what we wish to see?

These little creatures often create “moments” in meetings, times to share a feeling, or to release something creative we didn’t even know was bubbling up. They also serve as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Working with art should be creative and fun, after all!

Strange Symmetry: Doodle Art

Strange Symmetry

Ever notice how many doodles are symmetrical and geometric? Sure, part of that is quite simply because geometric shapes are easy for even novices to draw. But is there something deeper driving the need for symmetry and geometry?

According to M.Farouk Radwan at, geometrical shapes may denote a rational and logical way of thinking.

“This person may also be a good planner.” writes Farouk. “Drawing a triangle sometimes signifies the internal desire of going up or advancing in your career or social life.”

Watch out, world! We have some Triangulars on staff! (Yes, this new made up pronoun just started here!)

Swirly, Twirly, Stormy: Doodle Art

Swirly Twirly Stormy Doodle ArtAll too often, art emulates nature. It’s inescapable! Many great quotes through art history join art and nature at the hip.

To no surprise, whimsical, blustery and stormy shapes made their way into the Art Force mix. Life can’t always be rigid and angular, so it’s good to see we have some air and water to offset our fire and ice.

See You Next Quarter

Doodle Art 2016

Fresh beginnings await in 2016! We are excited to roll out a new doodle sheet and see what new inventions are waiting in the folds of our brain.

We would love to see some of your doodle art out there, so please feel free to send any examples to our Director of Marketing, Marlon Heimerl, [email protected] for inclusion in next quarter’s installment.