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Mural Monday: David de la Mano in Bodø, Norway


Mural Monday

For this week’s Mural Monday, we are looking to Bodø, Norway where David de la Mano created a mural for the UpNorth Festival. Titled Malstrøm, the mural covers the facade two separate walls of a public building in the city center, creating a single image. Composed of human and root shapes, David incorporates his signature style into the work as the dark silhouettes appear to be spiraling towards the center. The mural is simple, yet mysterious, as if passively hypnotizing the viewer.

david up north festivalImage Source: StreetArtNews.

In addition to his large, double-walled mural, David de la Mano created several smaller street pieces individually and in collaboration with Norwegian artist Dot Dot Dot. The street pieces can be found throughout the streets of Bodø.

david de la manoImage Source: UpNorth Festival.

david de la mano and dot dot dot collabCollaboration with DOT DOT DOT. Image Source: UpNorth Festival.

UpNorth Festival

UpNorth Festival is an arts festival in northern Norway that highlights urban art. The festival aims to present art in unusual spaces where one would not typically expect to find it. Although the festival is based in Bodø – which is located just above the Arctic Circle – UpNorth travels each year within northern Norway, having a different city host the festival. In its inaugural year, the festival took place in Sulitjelma, a remote village of only 400 residents. UpNorth is organized by Trond Solstad and the Norwegian artist Stein and invites local and international artists to bring life to these tiny towns of northern Norway.


Image Sou

David de la Mano

David de la Mano is a Spanish artist known for his depictions of humans and nature in monochromatic silhouettes. Often creating large-scale murals, his work is minimal yet intricate. David analyzes social behaviors, human condition, and perception through his deceptively complex compositions of individuals. Born in Salamanca in 1975, David de la Mano obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, where he focused on sculpture and stone carving. He would later go on to gain a PhD in Public Art from the University of Valencia. Much of his career has included sculpture, installation, and land art; however, for the past several years, David has focused primarily on murals and public art.