Custom Visual Solutions

Custom Visual Solutions

The SmartArt Program is LEAN and AGILE by design. The most agile part of the SmartArt Program is our commitment to providing custom visual solutions utilizing our LEAN Creative Standardization Process. Most of the time, custom art solutions will come in the form of creative installations, environmental graphics or research & development for clients who want something they simply cannot find anywhere else on the market. By incorporating LEAN principles into the process we are able to minimize costs in time and materials.

Going Custom

Creative Installations

Creative installations run the gamut. Whether we’re talking custom displays or architectural wall elements, many custom artwork needs will fall under this umbrella.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics include custom logos, wallpaper, projections, wayfinding elements and other media meant to seamlessly integrate with the building itself.

Research & Development

Our first set of sound panels actually originated from a research and development (R&D) project with an existing client. Any client can turn wishes into reality with R&D.

Commissioned Original Art

Our clients have commissioned everything from custom painted murals to custom sculpture, leadership portraits, original art and more.

Custom Made Simple

Guide to Custom Visual Solutions

What you see here is just a small sample of our over 1,000 projects and 30,000 pieces of artwork placed since 2009. For more inspiration, check out the Art Force portfolio or read our Guide to Custom Visual Solutions below.

Custom Visual Solutions

Case Study

Our project with JAMF Software is a great example of our ability to conduct research & development to create a custom visual solution. The acoustic panel pictured below was created to dampen sound in a busy conference room. The same concept can be applied to walls, ceilings and more.


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