Custom Displays

Custom Displays

Art Force utilizes the power of mixed-media, along with shelving and pedestals, to create custom displays that prominently highlight the artistic or business elements of your organization.


Shelving creates space-efficient utility for any multitude of art or products that your company would like to highlight. We can display awards, photographs, and generally any object that represents your company’s brand and history. A simple and classic design, incorporating custom shelving creates a professional and tasteful display.



Pedestals allow for visitors to your organization to have an integrative art experience by prominently focusing the attention towards an artwork or object. Whereas most art installations are two-dimensional, pedestals allow the viewer to see a piece from various perspectives and angles. Pedestals have a unique ability to highlight individual pieces.


Product or Art

Each of your respective company’s products or curated art can be presented in an aesthetically eye-catching and brand consistent manner. In the past, we have incorporated both of these into pedestal and shelving housed designs, highlighting the brand strength and capabilities of the companies.

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