Creative Installations

Creative Installations

We are here to meet your needs. Often times, finding the perfect art for your organization goes beyond hanging a framed work on the wall and involves a more complex installation.

Creative installations have an endless amount of possibilities. We can creatively adhere an unconventional art form to the wall or suspend a sculpture from the ceiling – our team will find a solution for any installation. With the ability to combine functional solutions and artistic ideas, our installations can also serve multiple purposes.

Innovative Solutions

We can create innovative solutions that are both practical and visual. For example, our team has created custom acoustic sound panels for various clients. While the sound panels make for a quieter office space, they are also creatively constructed in colorful, geometric designs – transforming a functional product into a work of art itself.

sound panel

Our art consultants and production team work together to find the best solutions for each individual project. We can customize an installation to a client’s specific needs while following a standardized process.

Make An Impact

Stand out. Creative installations are uniquely tailored to your organization, differentiating you from others.  The installation could be anything – you name it, and our art consultants will work with you to create something special. Make an impression on your employees, clients, and visitors by including a creative installation in your space.

Arden, Kristen_LoramSculpture

A creative installation could include transforming an everyday object into a work of art. Or maybe we create an interesting architectural addition with your office space. There are a limitless amount of possibilities!

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