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Corporate Art and The Community

corporate art and the community

Community Art in a Corporate Setting

Public art is a unique genre of art as it is a gift to the community, allowing for visitor interaction and enjoyment. While it is not common to find public art in a corporate setting, one of our clients, Wells Fargo, recently did just that.

The openings days of Wells Fargo’s new building in downtown Minneapolis featured an interactive art event that brought public art and community engagement into a corporate office. Located in the lobby, the exhibit included a virtual skate ramp created directly on the floor. Although a flat, two-dimensional image, the artist, Tracy Lee Stum, depicts the scene to appear three-dimensional. Participants are able to interact with the work: individuals can walk on the art and pose on the skateboards, creating an illusion that they are actually skating on the ramp. The imagery was inspired by a boy named Otto, one of the many children with disabilities who have found community and confidence at SkateMD. A nonprofit based out of Sacramento, California, SkateMD offers skateboarding clinics to children with special needs. The organization was co-founded by Wells Fargo team member, Melanie Tillotson, and her friend, Andrea Bibelheimer.


Wells Fargo selected SkateMD to highlight volunteerism among their team members and featured the organization on Wells Fargo Stories, an online journal the covers a variety of news related to the company. The SkateMD interactive art event traveled to several Wells Fargo locations throughout the country, with its last stop being in their new Minneapolis campus.

What was a relatively vacant area of Minneapolis now holds the beautiful the new campus of Wells Fargo. After four years of planning and construction, two 17-story towers are not only an exciting move for the Wells Fargo team, but also act as a symbol of revival for East Town. The once dormant neighborhood of the city is experiencing a resurgence, as new restaurants and hotels are opening, as well as the much anticipated U.S. Bank Stadium.


Having artwork in a corporate setting plays a vital role in the well-being of an organization, promoting an intrinsic ROI. From boosting creativity to reducing stress, artwork can positively affect an organization’s employees. Additionally, artwork has benefits to visitors, such as creating a welcoming environment and effectively communicating a brand’s identity. By incorporating an interactive art event into the lobby, Wells Fargo created a fun and engaging activity that welcomed its employees into their new space, supported a great community nonprofit, and demonstrated their company values.


About Tracy Lee Stum

Tracy Lee Stum is an internationally recognized chalk artist and 3D street painter. In 2006, she received the Guinness World Record for the largest street painting by an individual. She has created many commissioned works for major corporations and has traveled extensively, developing street painting festivals in┬áChina, Mexico, India, Russia, and throughout the United States. Additionally, Tracy served as the US State Department’s cultural ambassador in 2012, for which she traveled to India and┬áTajikistan to street paint and lead workshops on the importance of education and cross cultural communication. Lighting and color are key elements of her work – all which hinges upon proper perception. Tracy’s work combines playful imagination with references to art history, contemporary culture, and global influence.