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Commissioning a Mural with Art Force

Murals are an excellent way to transform your walls while adding character to your work, health or multi-family environment. Commissioning a mural can have a dramatic impact when added to a space, and it’s no surprise that murals are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Murals often inspire creativity, which is something that can greatly benefit your employees and overall culture. 

We are capable of printing large, full-wall murals of any image from marketing to artistic imagery. Whether you’re looking to incorporate branding elements into your mural or not, Art Force is the expert in providing you with the perfect piece for your organization’s environment. When commissioning a mural, our “matchmaker” art consultants will connect you with the right artist whose style best aligns with your needs and vision. If you’re unsure of what your art and design needs may be, no worries, Art Force’s consultants have the creative eye that you may be looking for. We have an extensive network of artists nationwide and have worked with organizations large and small to make their vision a part of their environment. 

Your unique mural will make your organization stand out! When you commission a piece, there will be no other space entirely like yours. Connecting with an artist and seeing your vision become a tangible piece of artwork is exciting. Installation day is always the most thrilling day for you, the artist, and the rest of your community. Working with Art Force will make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, taking your project all the way through installation. From art reviews and revisions, to contracts and payments, Art Force will work with the artist every step of the way to ensure that your mural builds your environment’s culture.


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